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    For most people it might be a little difficult to get excited about hose connectors. After all, there are few Hollywood thrillers made in which a hose connector plays a prominent role, nor have hose connectors figured majorly in the lyrics of any of history’s great love songs so far. Shakespeare never even once wrote about hose connectors either, despite frequently using gardening as a metaphor in his works (the bard was clearly aware that mention of hose connectors would immediately cause his audience to lose interest). Nevertheless, unless you want to be leaking water all over the place every time you water the plants in your garden it is important to ensure that you have the right connectors for the job. Which is where Gardena’s Original System steps in.

    Gardena’s Original System tap connectors, hose connectors and water stops are all designed to be easy to use, simple to attach, reliable and completely watertight. This allows you to quickly achieve a perfect seal between tap and hose or hose and any of Gardena’s other Original System appliances (such as spray guns, sprinklers and lance sprayers). There is also an impressive variety of connectors available (which may surprise those who think that one connector is much like another), including specific connectors for different kinds of tap, swivelling connectors which help to prevent hose kinking, and twin tap connectors which allow you to attach two accessories to a single tap. The water stops and hose connectors fitted with valves, meanwhile, prevent water wastage when switching between accessories by temporarily stopping the flow without requiring you to make repeated trips back and forth to the tap.

    All of these connectors are long-lasting and made from reliable, high quality materials, and all are compatible with other brands of watering system for maximum user convenience. All Gardena hose connectors and water stops are also ergonomically designed to be easy to grip and hold, thereby ensuring that connection and disconnection is consistently simple and helping you to remain comfortable while you use your garden hose. Gardena’s tap connectors, hose connectors and water stops are thus an essential part of the Original System – the water management system for which Gardena is most famous – and with the right connectors any domestic watering or cleaning job can be made almost completely hassle-free. Functional though they may be, then, we hope that there will be something in our range of hose connectors that will get you at least a little bit excited.