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    With its collection of guns and lances, the Gardena hose pipe sprayers range might seem a little militaristic at first glance. Thankfully its intended purpose is much more benign, as these spray guns and spray lances are designed for tackling cleaning and watering tasks in the garden rather than warfare or combat (unless you include the war on dirty patio surfaces, in which case they fit the bill perfectly). And as every household has different needs it is important to select a sprayer suitable for your particular requirements. A basic spray nozzle will suffice for simple tasks, but with a number of additional options available dedicated gardeners will appreciate the versatility and practicality of the products in Gardena’s range.

    For the vast majority of horticultural watering tasks, for example, any one of Gardena’s high quality spray guns will perform excellently. This is because each of Gardena’s spray gun attachments offers four distinct spray patterns, allowing you to quickly select the setting most suitable for whatever the job at hand. This includes everything from a standard spray for watering plants in your garden, to a light mist most suitable for spraying young plants in greenhouses, to a powerful, steady jet ideal for cleaning patios and other intensive cleaning applications outside of the home and around the garden.

    Gardena’s spray lances, meanwhile, offer the same superb practicality and flexibility as the spray guns but with the added advantage of providing a little extra reach into the bargain. This makes accessing high window boxes and hanging baskets effortless while also eliminating the need to stretch or bend over to water tucked away parts of your garden. This is thanks in part to the inclusion of angled spray heads specifically designed to help you reach difficult areas without straining your back or shoulders. As such these products can be a lifesaver for those working in nurseries or other settings where extensive watering is required, saving significant time and effort by ensuring that no planter or hanging basket is beyond the scope of your irrigative capabilities.

    As with all of Gardena’s Original System products these spray guns and lances are also designed to be easy to use, comfortable to hold and to offer a completely watertight seal which ensures that water is not wasted during use. With a Gardena sprayer you can therefore rest assured of consistently reliable performance, making it significantly easier to ensure that your garden grows strong, green and healthy year after year.