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    Droughts are a nightmare for any proud gardener, with a lack of water drying out the soil and damaging vulnerable plants, often necessitating a little irrigative intervention. But why bother trudging round the garden with a watering can when you could be concentrating on relaxing while a sprinkler system does the hard work for you?

    These mobile sprinklers from the Gardena range, for example, are designed for watering lawns, vegetable patches and flower beds with the minimum of hassle, simply attaching to a hosepipe and spreading water evenly across a specified area in your garden. This is immensely valuable during the hot summer months when the sun beats down and rain is often sparse, leaving grass and other vegetation faded and dry. A sprinkler system will help to counteract this, thus ensuring that your garden looks its best at the time of year when you most want to be able to enjoy it!

    First, however, you will need to purchase a sprinkler system suitable for your garden and your particular requirements. We can help on that count though, with our range including a variety of Gardena sprinklers suitable for all sorts of horticultural settings. The most important consideration is to select a sprinkler with a spray pattern which suits the shape of your garden. Oscillating sprinklers are ideal for irrigating rectangular or square areas, using a row of nozzles which rock back and forth sending streams of water high into the air to ensure even coverage. Circular sprinklers, meanwhile, spray with a circular pattern and can be set to spray in either full or partial circles depending on your requirements. Some of these sprinklers can even be linked up in series using Gardena’s hoses and connectors, allowing you to quickly adapt your sprinkler setup for watering larger lawns.

    Other handy tips to make sure you get the most of your sprinkler system without wasting water include watering in the evening when the temperature is cooler so that less water will evaporate, as well as aerating your lawn before irrigation so that water can penetrate to the grass roots (when watering lawns the water should reach to about 10cm deep, so checking this by digging down with a trowel after using your sprinkler will help you judge the optimum spray time required for your garden). It is also important not to over-water as this can damage lawns in the long run, with once every ten days usually sufficient to keep your lawn healthy. Whatever the area to be watered, however, our range of Gardena sprinklers has you (and your lawn) covered — in water.