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    A well maintained lawn is a badge of pride for any gardener and typically the result of hours of hard horticultural toil down the years. For many gardeners this longstanding commitment to grassy excellence begins with sowing grass seed, from which a beautiful lawn will eventually flourish. Doing this allows you to pick the right kind of grass for your garden, or even to transform forbidding areas of wasteland and scrub into something welcomingly verdant which you will be able to enjoy for the rest of your life. A lawn, then, is far more than just some grass outside your house, but rather an important part of your home.

    Planting a new lawn from seed is undoubtedly the best way to put your personal stamp on a lawn, while seeding also costs less than turfing so can save money when renovating a garden. To ensure optimal results, however, there are a number of things you might have to consider. First and foremost is the kind of lawn you need, as there are many different kinds of grass seed available. You will need a different kind of seed for a general purpose lawn, for example, than an ornamental lawn, as the former needs to be tougher than the latter so that it doesn’t get damaged by kids and pets at play. You may also need to consider factors such as the soil conditions in your garden and the amount of light available, as some types of seed will fare better than others in certain situations.

    In general the best time to sow seed will be early autumn or mid-spring, when the soil is warm, moisture is plentiful and the weather is neither too cold nor too hot. Some time before sowing you will also want to dig and till the soil in the area where you are planting, perhaps also adding fertiliser, thereby ensuring optimal growing conditions and removing unwanted weeds. Following the supplier’s recommendations you can then sow the seed, with a lawn spreader the best option to ensure even distribution. After the seed has been scattered you need only rake the soil over and keep it watered for a few days (if the weather is dry) before letting Mother Nature set to work.

    A little helping hand never goes amiss though, so we also stock a wide variety of aftercare and lawn feed products to help ensure that your lawn always looks its best. This includes moss killers, patch fixes for damaged lawns and a number of all-in-one lawn care products, so with the products in our range you will have everything you need to sow, grow and maintain the lawn of your dreams.