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    There are few things more irritating in life than an insect which won’t leave you alone. And yet they also constantly evade your assaults. Totally infuriating. It’s time for war. Whether there is a fly buzzing round the kitchen or an army of ants planning a home invasion, sometimes something needs to be done. As a practice there is nothing new about pest control; insect killers & repellents have remained constantly in demand. As long as people have grown crops it has been an absolute necessity and there’s no difference today.

    STV have two ranges of insect killers & repellents to help you out with your little problem. The Buzz has a number of effective solutions for dealing with pesky creatures both in the garden and the home. Whether you’ve a wasp problem or mosquitoes baying for blood, there is a poison-free answer to your problem. Zero In can cope with the sorts of home invaders which might make your skin crawl. Eliminate small scale problems quickly, and prevent moths and other creepy crawlies from turning your knitwear into lunch by using the fabric safe products on offer.

    There is no need to fall to the mercy of bugs. Whether you need a pet and child safe solution or are considering any means necessary, Lawnmowers Direct and STV have the answer.