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There are a lot of spurious statistics thrown around about rats. The old claim that “you are never more than six feet away from a rat”, for example, is much disputed. 164 feet in urban environments may be more accurate according to some expects though we’re not sure this makes us feel better. If there’s a rat in your house you are going to want it out immediately. This is why we stock STV’s Big Cheese range of mouse traps & rat bait. The wide variety of products on offer is designed to tackle and prevent rodent infestations around homes, farms and businesses.

Prevention is always better than cure so your first port of call should be protecting areas potentially vulnerable to infestation. We advise our customers to cut off access to anywhere with plentiful food and shelter; rats and mice tend to prefer an easy life. Your best option is STV’s various sonic repellers, which use non-harmful high-frequency sound waves inaudible to people and pets. Repellers can help dissuade rats and mice from entering the home. If an infestation has already hit there are still plenty of non-lethal options available. We supply a variety of indoor and outdoor rat and mouse traps to remove any furry invaders without doing any harm.

The Big Cheese range also contains a number of more permanent solutions to rodent problems. This includes the traditional spring-loaded bar and jaw traps, available in a variety of classic and modern designs. Glue traps often serve as a last resort when other traps and baits fail. They work by luring mice in and sticking them into place with a powerful adhesive so that you can catch and kill them by hand. Bait and kill options include a variety of pellets, packets and block baits which will quickly remove any rodent problems. Just remember never to use any of these products in areas accessible by pets or children.

STV’s Big Cheese products offer an effective way of dealing with rats and mice and thus prevent damage and the spread of disease around farms, commercial premises and your home.