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    With weeds, drought, harsh frosts and any manner of un-foretold disaster potentially playing havoc with your garden all year round, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the additional chaos which can be caused by a few wayward critters. We have a range of pet deterrents & animal traps for all manner of pests and critters.

    It’s not easy to tell a rabbit, a slug or a squirrel that actually you haven’t been working hard in your garden just for their benefit. Insects have a bit of a tendency of getting absolutely everywhere, especially when you could really do without them. To get around the problem, we stock a wide range of pet deterrents & animal traps, cages, and all manner of solution to help keep your flower beds, lawns and vegetable patches free from unwanted visitors.

    Cats and dogs can be just as problematic as their wild counterparts. There are plenty of completely non-harmful deterrents to dissuade man’s best friend from fouling on your property or even from venturing into certain areas of the garden. Browse the range to find the most suitable product for your particular problem and you’ll find our range of pet and wildlife control is all you need to handle almost any invader simply and humanely, without causing further damage to your beloved garden.