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    Petrol powered generators are an invaluable source of power for numerous different applications and situations. They can even be essential to survival in areas where electricity supplies are unreliable or completely lost after disaster and no construction site would be complete without several dozen generators buzzing away in the background. Petrol generators are also integral to the leisure industry, with campers and caravan owners across the country relying on the power they produce for long tours or holidays. There are, accordingly, many different kinds of generator on the market to suit the countless applications for which they can be used.

    The key to finding the perfect generator lies in knowing what it will be used for, where it will be used and how long it will be kept running. Lighter generators, for example, are most suitable for camping and other expeditions where access to mains electricity might be restricted. This is because these smaller machines are more portable, which instantly offers benefits to the holidaymaker on-the-go, while some modern models also feature clever inverter technology to dramatically reduce noise levels. With one of these convenient and hi-tech machines you can therefore use all of your electronic mod cons at the campsite without shattering the peace for your fellow campers.

    The heavier, more powerful units on the market, meanwhile, are designed to withstand demanding use on construction sites but can also be used in a variety of other situations when reliable power is required in a remote location, including at fairs, festivals and carnivals, on farms and at amateur motorsport events. Utility contractors and mobile catering services will find the extra power provided by these generators essential to their day-to-day work, while a long-run fuel tank is vital if you will be running your generator for hours on end or if you need to maintain power overnight.

    Other things which you may need to consider before making a purchase are the maximum power of the generator you are buying, the number and type of power outlets available on different units and even the type of appliance you might be running (sensitive equipment such as computers and smartphones require the kind of “clean” current only provided by generators featuring AVR or inverter technology). In all of these cases, however, there will be something in our range that will happily meet your specific needs and our sales team are here to help if you need any guidance making a final decision.