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    The funny thing about snow is that it looks picturesque on greetings cards or when looking out of the window from inside your nice warm house, but the cold white stuff is at best an inconvenience and at worst a serious health hazard when it comes to going about your daily life. As such it is always handy – and best to be prepared with an effective way of clearing build ups of snow from driveways, paths, commercial forecourts and any other areas where slippery surfaces might get in the way of business as usual.

    This is where Honda’s hardworking snowthrowers come in. Powered by Honda’s renowned four-stroke engines, providing a reliable, quiet and fuel efficient power source that loves the cold weather, these potent machines will make clearing even large amount of snow effortless, especially as certain models are capable of clearing up to 50 tonnes per hour. This outstanding performance is the result of over thirty years of development, with Honda’s engineers combining traditional design with innovative technology to spectacular effect. There are thus few other snowthrowers capable of competing with Honda’s machines, regardless of whether you are a homeowner looking to shift snow from your driveway or a professional contractor taking on intensive wintertime maintenance work.

    The best snowthrower for you will depend heavily upon the area you are clearing. The first rule of thumb to follow is the larger the volume of snow you need to clear, the bigger the snowthrower you will need (especially if you are short of time or simply don’t fancy spending too long outside in sub-zero temperatures). Another consideration may be the conditions underfoot, with both wheeled and tracked models available to suit all kinds of terrain; wheeled models will provide greater manoeuvrability in flat areas, making it easier to work around obstacles, but caterpillar tracks offer the traction required for working with confidence on uneven or sloped ground. Furthermore, though all of Honda’s snowthrowers are equipped with adjustable snow chutes and powerful drive systems you may also want to consider the other gadgets available on some models to help boost performance when the going gets tough, including spotlights for working in the dark and user-friendly hydrostatic transmission.

    Whichever snowthrower you choose, however, it is bound to be better than spending long hours out in the snow with a shovel in hand, so have a good look our range and if you need any more advice before making a purchase then please feel free to get in touch with our sales team, and consider using our winter checklist.