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These days there is a tool for just about every job in the garden, some of which are so specialised that you may only need them once or twice a year. The main drawback of having such a vast array of equipment at your disposal is the amount of space needed to store these multifarious gadgets, which unless you have a garden shed the size of an air hanger is likely to be an issue for even the keenest gardener. The way that garden equipment manufacturers chose to resolve this problem, however, was to design power units that came with a series on interchangeable attachments as an alternative to existing stand-alone devices. And hey presto! The all-conquering multi-tool was born!

To begin with the range of accessories on offer for these tools was modest, with only basic attachments such as hedgetrimmers and brushcutters available. But over the years more and more new tools have been introduced, so now there is an almost endless selection of accessories and attachments from which to choose. This includes long reach pole pruners, leaf blowers, long reach hedgetrimmers, mini-cultivators and lawn edgers, to name but some of the most popular multi-tool accessories available.

The power units, meanwhile, are normally lightweight 25cc two-stroke engines, designed to keep weight to a minimum while providing enough power to tackle the vast majority of garden maintenance tasks. Some of the power units even come with a brushcutter or grass trimmer attachment as standard, allowing you to set straight to work before then purchasing additional accessories as and when the need arises (thus saving on initial expenses). Many people find that a hedgetrimmer or pruner attachment will be the next thing they add to their collection, but the beauty of a multi-tool is its versatility so the accessories you choose to use are entirely up to you!

As well as saving storage space, the use of detachable accessories and a compact power unit also makes multi-tool systems much easier to transport from site to site. As such even busy professional contractors can benefit from the convenience of these user-friendly machines. And with all of our multi-tools designed for flexibility it is pleasingly easy to switch between one attachment and another as the job requires, saving the need to carry an overabundance of equipment with you wherever you go. At Lawnmowers Direct, moreover, we value quality above all, so our range of multi-tools includes systems made by world renowned manufacturers such as Stihl, Bosch, Echo, Honda and Husqvarna. Whatever your particular requirements, then, there is no better way to streamline your tool collection than with one of these outstanding multi-tool systems.