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    If clothes make the man then it is accessories that make the multi-tool. A multi-tool power unit in isolation is, after all, just an engine with a handle, so the range of attachments on offer is often what makes a multi-tool stand out from the crowd. As such manufacturers are continuously trying to outdo one another in terms of the quality and variety of accessories and attachments available for their products. Happily, though, this means that enthusiastic amateur horticulturists and professional gardeners alike have many versatile ranges of equipment from which to choose.

    It is, for example, now possible to run everything from hedgetrimmers, powered leaf blowers and mini-cultivators to patio sweepers and lawn care kits from a single power source. The most basic accessory within most multi-tool systems, however, is the grass trimmer. For many gardeners a line trimmer or brushcutter attachment will be the first accessory they purchase for their multi-tool (some power units even come with one as standard), as a good grass trimmer is an essential part of any gardener’s horticultural kit. For further lawn maintenance possibilities you may also want to purchase an edger attachment, thereby ensuring a pristine finish on every inch of your lawn.

    To make sure that the rest of your garden remains equally kempt, however, you could invest in a hedgetrimmer or pole pruner attachment, thereby enabling use of your multi-tool for maintaining dense shrubs, bushes and even overgrown trees. Tiller and rotary cultivator attachments, meanwhile, allow you to quickly and effortlessly prepare soil for seeding or planting, so your multi-tool can also be handy when tending flowerbeds or vegetable patches. And with blower and brush attachments also available for some models you can even make short work of tidying up once you’re done trimming, pruning, edging and tilling elsewhere in your garden.

    This kind of versatility means that there are few parts of your garden where your multi-tool system won’t prove a boon, with easy-to-fit attachments a standard feature so that switching between tools is pleasingly hassle-free. And as most multi-tools also have optional extension shafts available you will even be able to tackle the tallest trees and hedgerows with ease. Our range includes products from some of the industry’s most respected manufacturers, such as Honda, ECHO and Husqvarna, all of which offer an impressive variety of accessories for their multi-tool systems. The beauty of any multi-tool, however, is that you need only buy the attachments which suit your particular requirements, so all you need to do now is browse below until you find the perfect tool(s) for you and your garden!