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    All multi-tool set-ups are “systems”. In other words, once you buy into one manufacturer’s multi-tool you need to stick with that brand when purchasing additional accessories. This isn’t a problem for the most part – it even helps to ensure that each multi-tool system delivers a consistent user experience across the range of accessories available, which makes switching from one tool to another more intuitive – but it does mean that it is essential to research the tools and accessories available from a company before making your initial purchase.

    Bear in mind that the performance and reliability of your multi-tool equipment is almost entirely dependent on the quality of your power unit, so it is particularly important to do your homework at this stage. Luckily for you, here at Lawnmowers Direct we stock multi-tool systems made by some on the industry’s leading manufacturers, including the likes of ECHO, Husqvarna, Honda and Efco, so there is plenty of quality on offer.

    These powered units typically feature compact two-stroke petrol engines ranging from around 20cc up to 30cc depending on the model (with 25cc being roughly average for a multi-tool unit). This allows the power units to combine portability and versatility with enough clout to tackle all routine horticultural tasks, regardless of the attachment you are currently using. Another important feature shared by many multi-tool systems is a quick-attach mechanism which allows for hassle-free switching between accessories, so if you are expecting to use a variety of attachments during your working day it is worth checking that the tool you buy is suitably user-friendly in this regard too.

    Once you’ve purchased your power unit all you have to do is start building your collection of tools and accessories, so when picking a brand you should take some time to research the attachments available. For most day-to-day gardening work, such as trimming long grass, unruly hedges and overgrown lawn borders, any of the multi-tool systems in our range will do the job admirably, but some systems also offer more specialised tools suitable for those taking on more diverse tasks (such as Husqvarna’s tiller attachment or ECHO’s blower unit). These latter systems can be particularly handy for professional users who need a tool which is flexible enough for a variety of commercial applications, but even domestic users will undoubtedly appreciate the convenience and versatility of these fantastic machines. Whatever your particular requirements, then, there is bound to be something in our range which ticks all of the right boxes.