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    In between keeping your garden in good order, you may want to catch-up with a few DIY jobs that have been getting put-off for far too long. Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to reach for a toolbox full of different sized screwdrivers, spanners and wrenches: the power tool has all but taken over. DIY enthusiasts’ tool cabinets and drawers are no longer home to these old favourites; instead multi-purpose hand tools that enable the completion of arduous tasks in fractions of the original time have taken their place. The vast majority of hand drills and screwdrivers are now battery powered, allowing complete freedom of use, whilst tools that place a higher demand on available energy still require a power cord – impact drills and jigsaws for example. Measuring tools and self-levelling lasers are now widely available, ensuring that every shelf and mirror that you hang is precisely where you want it to be. With all of these advancements in modern technology at your disposal, there is no better time than now to get to work on the jobs that are only ever thought about when the weather isn’t good enough to be out in the garden.