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There are more uses for a pressure washer around your home and garden than you might think, with tasks such as cleaning drainpipes and washing down garden furniture just as easily accomplished as more obvious jobs like car washing and patio cleaning. This is because the extra clout provided by a pressure washer makes these machines more efficient and environmentally friendly than using a hosepipe, thereby saving time, effort and water when taking on a variety of cleaning applications. As such you will likely find yourself using your pressure washer for all sorts of cleaning tasks outside of the home and around the garden, while with a more powerful commercial machine even tough cleaning work in industrial settings can be tackled with ease.

You will, however, need to match the size and power of the machine you choose to the job for which it is needed. Lighter tasks like cleaning garden furniture and washing windows will not require a hugely powerful machine, with 100 bar of pressure sufficient for most routine domestic cleaning jobs. Another important consideration for smaller domestic tasks is portability, with many pressure washers featuring handy transportation wheels for convenience, while a more compact design helps by taking up less room in the garden shed when storage space is at a premium. More taxing jobs, such as washing down vehicles and caravans, can be accomplished in a satisfactory way with a pressure washer producing anything between 110 to 125 bar. Heavy-duty tasks or frequent cleaning of large surfaces, meanwhile, demands a machine with 150 bar of pressure or more. Other potential considerations when picking a pressure washer may include the maximum flow rate of the machine you purchase, the length of hose supplied or whether it offers variable pressure adjustment to ensure optimal performance when used for varied applications.

Don’t forget that there are numerous different nozzles, detergents and attachments to use with your pressure washer, all of which can make life much easier when faced with challenging cleaning tasks. It is therefore important to check that the machine you are purchasing has all the correct knobs and whistles required to get the job done properly. A high pressure jet will tackle most caked-on dirt, for example, but having the option to add detergent into the mix can certainly help when cleaning cars or greasy tools, while various adjustable nozzles, spray lances and other accoutrements mean your pressure washer can offer impressive versatility. Whichever machine you choose, however, we are convinced you will soon come to appreciate the incredible convenience that pressure washers offer when grime, dirt and filth attack.