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    A brand new pressure washer is a very useful tool to have around the house, for more reasons than might be immediately obvious. Yes, a pressure washer will be able to make light work of stains and make washing your car as well as a host of other tasks in the garden and around the home a positive delight, but they’re also a time saving and environmentally friendly option.

    It might seem counter intuitive that a powered jet of water could be environmentally friendly but the simple fact is that pressure washers only need water to clean very successfully. Usually when you’re scrubbing at a stain you’ll also require detergents and cleaning products, along with all manner of chemicals to rid yourself of it. With a pressure washer the sheer force of the water is all it takes to dislodge weeks, months or even years of dirt and grime from vehicles, patios, walls and decking.

    Many pressure washers come with a basic nozzle to get you started, but there is a whole host of pressure washer accessories on the market which will greatly increase the efficiency of your machine for specific tasks. With a range of brushes, longer and flexible lances, as well as tools decided with particular jobs such as patio cleaning in mind, pressure washer accessories will massively improve the usability of your favourite cleaning tool. Extend your reach and use your new accessories to get more jobs done than you ever imagined. These pressure washer accessories tend to be designed with particular jobs in mind, and the fittings can be specific to a model, so make sure you check compatibility before you order your new part. With the amount of time saved it’s hard to see how we ever coped without these highly useful tools.