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The application of fertilisers and snow melters has become much easier in recent years with the increased availability of high quality salt and lawn fertiliser spreaders for use in a variety of domestic and commercial settings. The value of this shouldn’t be underestimated, as there can be little doubt that applying expensive snow melters, salt or lawn fertiliser by hand was a hit-and-miss process at best, with the results achieved often far less than consistent. By using a spreader, however, it is possible to calculate the exact amount of spreading media required to get the job done, thus negating the often considerable expenses which arise from wasted or poorly applied salts and fertilisers.

It is therefore worth considering the applications for which you need your spreader, as many types of garden spreader are equally effective at applying lawn fertiliser during the summer as they are at dispensing ice melters or salt during the winter months. This makes them perfect for domestic users or for business owners in need of versatile equipment for year-round use. If you are a commercial operator or have a responsibility to clear snow and ice from public areas, however, a dedicated salt spreader is your best bet as the models we sell have specialised features to ensure optimal performance in cold weather.

This is especially true of SnowEx salt spreaders, which are widely regarded as some of the best on the market today. SnowEx’s products share a number of features with one another – such as corrosion-resistant polyethylene hoppers and designs which eliminate unnecessarily complicated components to help ensure unrivalled dependability – but with a variety of shapes and sizes available to cater for every imaginable winter maintenance job. This includes everything from push-along pedestrian broadcast and drop spreaders for use on pavements and driveways to massive commercial-grade bulk spreaders designed to convert utility vehicles for extensive snow clearance work on roads and other large surfaces. So whatever icy issues you encounter this winter there is bound to be a SnowEx spreader that will see you right.

Though if you’re just looking for a way to keep your grass looking lusciously verdant during the summer, our range of lawn spreaders will still have something to suit your needs. Thus, regardless of whether you are a business owner, a commercial contractor or even a humble home gardener, investing in a spreader is a great time and effort saving way of achieving optimal results whenever you need to spread sand, grit, ice melters or fertiliser.