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    A healthy looking lawn demands more than just keeping on top of a weekly mowing regime and regular aeration. To help keep your grass lush and verdant, for example, seasonal dressings of lawn sand may be necessary to improve drainage and adding a little fertiliser during the growing season can definitely help to improve grass growth. However, these can be surprisingly tricky tasks even for experienced gardeners, as over-application or uneven spreading of fertilisers and other granular lawn products can damage your grass or leave it looking patchy. For the best results possible, then, these treatments should be applied using a high quality lawn spreader.

    Granular fertilisers are undoubtedly the best choice for most domestic gardeners, as it is almost impossible to ensure even coverage when spraying liquid fertilisers and a slight breeze can end up throwing everything into disarray. With the help of a lawn spreader, however, even the least experienced gardener will be able to achieve a perfectly even spread quickly and easily. There are two main types of spreader available for such tasks; broadcast and drop spreaders. Broadcast spreaders work by using a spinner to fling a controlled flow of spreading material across your lawn, making them ideal for use on medium to large lawns. Drop spreaders, meanwhile, do as their name suggests and drop a steady flow of spreading material directly down onto the lawn surface as you advance, making them perfect for spreading in confined spaces.

    Whichever kind of spreader you decide to be most suitable for the size and shape of your garden, there is a variety of horticultural tasks which it will make much easier. As well as allowing you to spread fertiliser during the growing season, for example, a spreader provides the ideal means of applying lawn sand to kill off moss and other weeds (thereby ensuring your grass can access the air and moisture that it needs to thrive). Furthermore, when laying a new lawn a spreader will save significant time and effort compared to sowing seed by hand, as well as ensuring the kind of even coverage that is almost impossible with manual application.

    Nor will you find your lawn spreader gathering dust during the winter, as there are few more effective ways of spreading salt, grit and sand on hard surfaces when trying to clear ice and snow from your driveway or pavements. This makes a quality spreader a worthy investment for any gardener or groundskeeper who takes pride in their lawn, while also offering the added advantage of making important winter maintenance work nigh on effortless.