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    One of the many clever things about SnowEx’s hardworking utility spreaders is the sheer variety of vehicles to which they can be fitted, with an extensive range of vehicle mounting equipment available to make mounting your spreader as hassle-free as possible. As such SnowEx spreaders can be used in just about any situation imaginable, ranging from clearing ice from public roads and car parks to spreading salt on farms and in distribution yards. All you need to do is find the correct mounting fixture for your vehicle!

    This is important because an improperly mounted spreader will not perform to optimum levels, while SnowEx’s range also includes mounts specifically designed to allow you to make the most of your vehicle while the spreader is attached. Many of the company’s utility spreaders, for example, are designed to sit neatly on the loading bed of a pickup truck or UTV, with a standard utility mount available to ensure secure attachment. In addition to this, however, SnowEx also produces a number of alternative mounts which allow you to attach a spreader to your vehicle while retaining use of the loading bed (either via the tailgate or using a low-profile mounting). This can be vital for busy contractors, allowing you to carry extra equipment or spare spreading material as dictated by the job at hand.

    Those worried by icy surfaces in an agricultural setting can also rest assured that SnowEx have considered their needs, with dedicated tractor mounts making SnowEx spreaders compatible with any machine featuring a standard three point hitch. Other specialist mounts include forklift mounts which fit to the tines of your forklift truck to enable spreading of salt, grit and sand around distribution yards and in other industrial settings. For even greater flexibility, meanwhile, a trailer mount is available for some spreader models to allow use with any vehicle featuring a standard tow bar hitch, including ATVs. But as SnowEx also produce their own tow bar hitch attachment as well you can pretty much use your spreader with any vehicle imaginable (probably not submarines, admittedly, but by all accounts there’s plenty of salt in the sea already).

    And as with everything produced by SnowEx you can rest assured of quality construction and longevity with all of these mounts, with SnowEx’s mounting equipment designed to withstand years of use in hostile conditions. Thus, whatever your vehicle of choice and whatever the winter maintenance work being tackled, with our range of SnowEx mounting equipment we have you covered.