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    Regarded by many as the best salt spreaders on the market, SnowEx has developed a range of machines that accommodates virtually every spreading application necessary during the cold winter months. This covers everything from spreading salt and ice melters along pathways and walkways with a pedestrian spreader to large-scale applications on roads and in other open spaces using of one of SnowEx’s many and various utility spreaders. Whatever the job at hand, however, the SnowEx brand is a guarantee of quality and reliability recognised around the globe.

    All SnowEx products share certain features upon which the SnowEx brand has been built. First and foremost is simplicity of design, with everything from the humblest pedestrian spreader to the bulkiest grit spreader made without complicated engines, pulleys, sprockets, belts or chains to minimise maintenance requirements while maximising dependability. Another feature held in common between all of SnowEx’s spreaders is the corrosion-resistant polyethylene used in the construction of their hoppers, thus ensuring that every spreader is reassuringly durable while remaining lightweight.

    There is plenty of variety within SnowEx’s range, however, with two broad categories of spreader available; walk-behind pedestrian spreaders and larger utility spreaders designed for use with a vehicle. The former of these two categories includes a number of compact broadcast and drop spreaders perfect for treating pathways, forecourts, small car parks and other pedestrianised areas. Designed to ensure ease of operation and even distribution of spreading material, these handy tools are therefore ideal for business owners, commercial contractors and home users alike.

    SnowEx’s bulk utility spreaders, meanwhile, are designed specifically for professional users and can be mounted to a variety of vehicles (including trucks, ATVs, tractors and forklift trucks) to enable spreading over large areas of ground in the shortest time possible. Made with SnowEx’s patented auger system, which feeds a precise, measurable amount of material onto the spinner to create an even spread and prevent waste, these spreaders are designed to allow you to tackle even the most demanding winter maintenance work with the minimum of fuss, even allowing you to adjust the spinner speed and material flow from the comfort and safety of your vehicle’s cabin.

    The importance of this quality when performing essential winter maintenance work to prevent accidents and injuries on roads and pavements cannot be underestimated, because when it comes to safety nothing less than the best will do. As such, SnowEx should be the first name that comes to mind when the temperatures start to drop and the weather starts to become icy.