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Maintaining a healthy, green lawn that exudes lushness and causes envy among your friends and neighbours requires a little more effort than simply trimming the grass once or twice a week during the summer months. The roots of your grass also need to be able to breathe freely and absorb moisture throughout the growing season if you want them to grow vigorously. If this is going to happen, however, you’ll first need to ensure that build ups of thatch and moss aren’t starving your lawn of the air, water and nutrients that it needs to thrive. Using a powered lawn scarifier or aerator will make this much easier, dispensing with the need to rely upon old-fashioned and time-consuming methods such as using a hand fork and sprung rake.

Modern gardeners have the option of choosing between either a petrol powered aerator or an electric lawn scarifier, with the best machine for you depending on your personal preferences and the size of your lawn. As a rule of thumb, electric scarifiers are best suited to smaller gardens. These electric machines are essentially powered rakes which use sprung tines to gently tease moss away from the surface of your lawn, thus ensuring that air and moisture can reach the grass roots and boosting the long term health of your lawn.

If you need to treat an area of lawn more than half a tennis court in size, however, one of our petrol powered aerators will offer the best results, giving you the extra power required for heavier workloads and the freedom to work without needing fiddly power cable extensions. Most petrol aerators will feature a height adjustment system which allows you to attack moss and thatch (the layer at the surface of your lawn made up of dying grass shoots and other decaying vegetation) with superb precision, but as these machines also tend to use scarifying blades rather than sprung tines you can also use them to cut slits in the surface of your lawn so that air, moisture and fertilisers can penetrate more deeply.

It is important to not to overwork your lawn while aerating, so take care, but even a single pass can do a vast amount to help ensure your grass is healthy (as well as performing a little bonus root pruning into the bargain). Nevertheless, whatever the size or shape of your garden scarification and aeration are vital processes to ensure that your lawn remains healthy and beautiful year after year.