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    Moss can be a bit of a nuisance in shady gardens and cooler climates, and while it’s not too much of a problem in itself, it does take something away from the aesthetic of a well-cared-for lawn. If you want to cultivate a healthy grass lawn without the springy moss finish, combating the relentless build up of moss and thatch can quickly become your life’s work. By removing moss you will aid drainage and allow the grass roots to thrive and the condition of your lawn to vastly improve. But how to get rid of it?!

    Also known as lawn rakes, scarifiers and aerators can make an amazing amount of difference to almost any lawn. Using blades attached to a cylinder, you will be able to cut through the moss, turf, and even down to the roots to help aerate the soil. These tools are designed to pull moss and thatch from the depths of your lawn. Those poor roots need to breathe if you want your grass to get healthier and deeply established. It can take around two weeks for the grass to fully recover following aeration, but you will notice your lawn looks healthier, thicker, and far more moss free after just one treatment – no chemicals required. The sheer amount of organic material you can remove with a scarifier is incredible; even on a lawn which looks reasonably healthy there will be a certain amount of unwanted material around the roots.

    Electric lawn scarifiers are generally considered to be most suitable for a small garden, and speed up and improve upon the work you would be able to do manually with a rake. If you are trying to achieve the sorts of pristine finish you might expect on a golf course, an electric aerator is an absolute must; they can even reduce the need to water your lawn. In most instances you will probably only need to use your electric scarifier around once a year, but this can vary quite substantially if your lawn is particularly moss prone.