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    Have you ever wondered how golf courses and bowling greens manage to achieve that carpet-like finish? Of course, it has something to do with the team of ground care professionals, dedicated irrigation systems and consistent mowing all year round, but the secret to removing moss and thatch from the roots of your lawn is to use a scarifier at least once a year, preferably in the late spring or in the autumn when lawn growth is rapid and your turf will recover quickly. Almost any area of grass can benefit from the treatment, regardless of how fastidiously you treat your lawn for weeds and moss. A petrol scarifier will make light work of removing all the organic build up from around the roots of the lawn and all air and water to reach the roots. As a result the grass will grow thicker, and the root network with grow deeper, improving both the health and the appearance of your lawn almost effortlessly.

    A petrol scarifier acts like an extremely heavy duty rake; knife like blades attached to a cylinder are driven by the powerful engine to cut through any thatch or moss which might be ruining your otherwise perfect lawn. These machines are well suited for using on larger plots of land, or those which don’t have easy access to a power source. The petrol engine means they can be used anywhere at all, without risk of accidentally severing a wire.

    It will take a little while after aeration for your lawn to recover, but once it does and it’s no longer being suffocated by moss or thatch you will find that it looks better and healthier than it ever has before. As you won’t need to use your scarifier every weekend, often people will rent their machine our or even buy one with friends or neighbours to lower the costs. This makes owning the machine cheaper than renting once or twice a year, and your lawn will look exception thanks to your hard work.