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    Extremely simple to use and by far the most popular type of garden shredder in the UK, electric shredders are perfect for the quick and comprehensive disposal of vegetation ranging from hedge clippings through to lopped tree branches, with even fresh green growth rapidly reduced if you choose the correct machine. Ideally suited to small and medium sized gardens where a mains power supply is close to hand, these machines will therefore help even inexperienced horticulturalists save significant time and effort when pruning and trimming in the garden.

    The primary advantage of an electric trimmer is its user-friendliness. With no need to fuss around with fuel or troublesome recoil starters they are easy to get started, especially as most models will feature clearly marked “on” and “off” controls for intuitive operation. Electric garden shredders are also quieter than their petrol equivalents so they are more suitable for use in built up urban and residential areas, while the lack of noxious exhaust fumes means they are also better for you and the environment. Thanks to ongoing improvements in the technology some electric shredders, such as those made by respected Belgian manufacturer Eliet, can now even compete with petrol powered machines in terms of performance when tackling light garden waste, including hedge cuttings and small tree branches.

    It is also worth knowing that different models are suited to different tasks depending on the cutting equipment they use. Quiet- or drum-style shredders, for example, are crushing machines which work perfectly when processing woody material but do not shred green growth. An impact style shredder, on the other hand, will cope with both woody and green material thanks to the use of a spinning cutting cassette with fixed blades (though these machines may be a little louder during operation than drum-style shredders).

    The only real limitation of electric shredders is portability, as requiring access to a power source means that you can only work in areas within reach of the machine’s power cable (so remember to check cord length before you buy). They may also struggle a little with heavier workloads and thicker tree branches, so commercial users and those with larger gardens should definitely check that the machine they are purchasing has the power to do the job for which is it is required. In general, however, if you are simply looking to shred domestic garden waste in the quickest and most convenient way possible, then an electric garden shredder is the way to go.