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Some people find little office document shredders quite a thrill to use, citing the sense of satisfaction that comes from seeing the year’s accumulated parish newsletters instantly transformed into bedding for the family hamster. We green-fingered folk know where the real action is though, as there is no paper shredder in the land which could possibly be as gratifying to operate as a powerful garden shredder. Designed to reduce even large amounts of garden waste to easily disposable or compostable chips and mulch, these machines offer an invaluable alternative to carting green waste and pruned branches down to a landfill site.

There are many different kinds of garden shredder on the market nowadays, with competing manufacturers offering different styles and sizes of garden shredder. It is therefore important to match the shredder you buy to the size of your garden and the amount of waste you need to process, thereby making sure that you won’t overload it or buy a garden shredder far beyond your requirements. You also need to know what type of vegetation you will be shredding, as soft green growth needs to be processed differently to fibrous, woody material. Whatever you particular requirements, however, we should have something in our range to suit.

One important consideration in this respect is whether you will need an electric or a petrol shredder. By far the most popular kind of garden shredder in the UK, electric garden shredders are ideal for those with small to medium sized gardens. Lightweight and easy to use, these electric shredders are especially useful in town or suburban gardens where their fume-free, low-noise performance will allow you to get work done without provoking a feud with the neighbours. The only potential drawbacks of these machines are that they may struggle with heavier workloads and they require access to a power outlet, so can’t be used in tucked away parts of the garden.

Commercial users and those with larger gardens may therefore want to invest in a petrol powered machine. These are usually a little more expensive than their electric equivalents but give you more than your money’s worth in terms of extra power and the freedom to work in different areas (most models even come with wheels and handlebars to aid transportation). Hardworking and capable of tackling far heavier workloads, these machines will shred and chip just about anything that you feed into the hopper. If you are chipping tree branches and other tough woody material a petrol shredder will therefore likely be the machine that you need (though Eliet’s electric shredders are more than capable of giving smaller petrol models a run for their money if you’d prefer the convenience of a mains powered machine).