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    A vital part of the horticultural panoply for those with large gardens abounding with a good number of trees and leafy vegetation, petrol garden shredders are powerful machines capable of processing significant amounts of material. This means that they can cope with even the toughest garden waste, such as tree branches, as well as barrow-loads of leaves and greener material, all of which can be shredded at the same time. As such you will be able to use your garden waste for composting rather than having to cart piles upon piles of pruned branches, hedge cuttings and other miscellaneous vegetation down to the local tip every time you decide to renovate the garden.

    The powerful four-stroke engines and clever blade designs of these machines allow them to cope with a mixed array of vegetation, saving significant time and effort otherwise spent sorting your garden waste. Larger heavy duty machines are particularly noteworthy in this regard, with accommodating hoppers and superbly effective cutting systems allowing everything from leafy foliage to thick tree branches to be shredded quickly and efficiently. This makes a petrol machine particularly useful for commercial users, as even the heaviest workloads of garden waste can be rapidly reduced for collection and disposal (time is money in the shredding business, after all).

    Another great advantage of a petrol shredder is portability, as not requiring access to a mains power source means that they can be used in remote areas where an electric shredder would be entirely useless. This could simply be in tucked away corners of the garden inaccessible to a machine with a power cable, with most petrol models featuring handlebars and smooth running wheels to aid transportation. If required, however, petrol shredders can also be used in a variety of other settings where green waste accumulates, such as during forestry work or when preparing scrubland for development.

    Our range includes a number of machines from the Belgian company Eliet, widely regarded as an envelope-pusher of the very best kind among shredder manufacturers. Eliet’s reputation for innovation and quality is well deserved and their bigger petrol shredders are among the best in the business when it comes to handling large quantities of tough vegetation, so commercial users would do well to invest in one of these machines. Eliet’s garden shredders are pretty impressive too though, packing plenty of punch into pleasingly compact package. Thus, whatever you particular needs, there is bound to be a petrol shredder to suit the occasion.