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    The German reputation for efficiency is nigh on a national stereotype, but when companies like Wolf-Garten keep on coming up with brilliantly efficient solutions to age old horticultural problems it’s a stereotype which might be sticking around for a while yet. The Wolf-Garten Multi-Change® Tool System, for example, is designed for active gardeners and solves the problem of having to deal with cluttered, over-stuffed garden sheds while simultaneously ensuring that you never get stuck using the wrong tool again!

    Featuring more than sixty different tool heads and a variety of handles to help ensure convenience whatever your particular requirements, with the Multi-Change® Tool System you need simply select a handle appropriate for your particular gardening style and then ‘click’ the required tool head into place. This saves significant time and effort compared to transporting and switching between separate implements, while also eliminating the need to fill your garden shed with endless horticultural detritus and preventing back pain by allowing you to pick a handle suitable for your height. Investing in a Multi-Change® system can also save a substantial amount of money over the long run, as it is much cheaper to simply add to your collection of Multi-Change® tool heads than it is to buy a separate implement every time another job needs doing in the garden.

    After more than thirty years of development, the Multi-Change® system also includes an impressive range of attachments for maximum flexibility (with more than 840 potential combinations of handles and tools available). It is possible, for example, to choose from a wide variety of cultivation, rockery, tree care, lawn care, weeding, window and patio cleaning and soil care tool heads, ensuring that just about any horticultural task can be accomplished with ease. This includes the likes of rakes, hoes, brushes, forks, trowels and weed removal tools among others, so there is no part of your garden which isn’t easier to tend with the help of Wolf-Garten’s Multi-Change® system.

    The build quality of all of Wolf-Garten’s Multi-Change® tool heads is rugged and functional, with the ten year manufacturer’s guarantee supplied as standard underlining their longevity. Between this and the durable, corrosion-resistant materials used in their production you can therefore rest assured of many years of versatile, effective performance from your Multi-Change® Tool System regardless of the tasks to which it is turned. As such the Multi-Change® system would make a gloriously Teutonic addition to any keen gardener’s tool set, so go ahead and browse the range of attachments we have available and feel free to contact our team if there is anything else you need to know.