Bertolini Cultivators and 2 Wheel Tractors

Bertolini CultivatorsSometimes the best things in life are those well-kept secrets, popping up now and then as they infrequently do, putting a smile on your face for any number of reasons. 

For owners of smallholdings and market gardens, commercial landscapers and professional gardeners, one of those self-same secrets has just arrived into the UK; the new range of landscaping and horticultural machinery from Bertolini.

Italian born and bred, as the name would suggest, the Bertolini brand has a loyal following on the continent where owners of vineyards and olive groves trust the reliability of the heavy duty cultivators and scythe mowers to keep their businesses profitable.

In this article we take a brief look at the Bertolini machinery on offer in the UK andhighlight the fantastic potential that the this range of equipment has to offer.

First of all we’ll have a look at the Bertolini 403 Rotary Cultivator, an excellent heavy-duty cultivator with a 60cm rotary tiller unit, designed for the user that needs a machine capable of truly hard work when the need arises, from owners of small market gardens through to allotment societies needing a machine that can maintain a number of small plots. The latter application is particularly suitable for the Bertolini 403 due to its compact size and ease of manoeuvrability, with the excellent 5.5hp Honda Petrol Engine providing tremendous reliability and ease of use.

Equipped with 2 forward speeds and 2 reverse gears, adjustable handlebars and particularly aggressive chevron tyres, the 403 guarantees comfort in use. Of particular interest to homeowners with mixed plots that may include a large vegetable garden but also an area of rough pasture or meadow is the 115cm Bertolini Scythe Cutter Bar; easily attached to the  2-Wheel Tractor Unit, areas out of cultivation can be prepared before digging or neglected pastures rejuvenated by being freshly mown.

The larger sibling to the Bertolini 403, the Bertolini 411/9H Rotary Cultivator opens up a vast array of landscaping and property maintenance opportunities to the professional and commercial operator. The 2-Wheel Tractor Unit receives its power from the 9hp Honda GX 270 Petrol Engine, renowned throughout the gardening industry for its outstanding performance, and, with a seven speed transmission that includes 4 forward speeds and 3 reverse, the 411/9H can be hooked up to a variety of attachments to meet the specific needs of individual operators.

The standard set-up comprises the 2-Wheel Tractor Unit and 70cm Rotary Tiller Unit, yet, with the Quickfit coupling device, the Bertolini 411/9H can be used as a sickle bar mower in conjunction with the 115cm Bertolini Scythe Cutter Bar – particularly useful when clearing areas of neglected pasture. If the pasture or meadow is particularly overgrown and scrub has established itself, the Bertolini 65cm Roller Flail Mower will clear and shred the toughest of growth.

If your need is to simply keep a pasture or large area of grass in good order without the need of grass collection, the 62cm Bertolini Mulching Mower will shred lengthy grass into a rough mulch that will decompose in a short space of time. Should the need arise to remove snow from areas such as driveways and paths, the Bertolini 411/9H will also accept a 100cm rotating brush, the Bertolini Front Brush, complete with a built in hopper, suitable for collecting leaves and similar debris.

Bertolini Grass MulcherIf your horticultural needs are such that extreme power and torque are necessary, the Bertolini 411 is also available with a 10hp Lombardini Diesel Engine. Capable of dealing with the heaviest of workloads and performing in the toughest conditions without fault, these machines are suitable for use in differing terrain where a standard 4-wheel tractor cannot gain access.

Two versions of the diesel engine tractor cultivator are available; the Bertolini 411/10 Diesel Engine 2-wheel tractor is equipped with a standard recoil start whilst the Bertolini 411/10E Diesel Engine 2-wheel tractor has an electronic key start. Both machines will accept the full range of attachments highlighted above, providing an impressive tool for those needing a versatile machine capable of year round use.

Here at LawnMowers Direct we’re very excited at being one of the few retailers in the UK able to sell the full range of Bertolini ground care equipment and feel that the range has enormous potential for the UK’s landscape gardeners, property owners and horticulture professionals. If you feel that your home or business can benefit from a machine in the Bertolini stable we will be happy to advise you further. Don’t hesitate to call us on tel. 01603 255825 where a trained sales advisor will be happy to help.