Best Backpack Leaf Blowers and Vacuums for Your Garden

From tidying a freshly mown lawn strewn with clippings to raking an autumn garden buried under a layer of wet leaves, there are a number of tasks when it comes to gardening that just aren’t as enjoyable as others. While many jobs are relaxing ways to pass the time, clearing up mess is nobody’s favourite activity at any time of year.

Investing in a leafblower takes the effort out of chores like these, and your new machine can even be used for shifting stubborn litter and snow. But lugging a leafblower around the garden can be an awkward and tiring task, leaving you with aching arms or sore hands. The solution? A backpack blower. A comfortable harness spreads the weight of the machine across your back, leaving your hands free for the lighter task of manoeuvring the blower tube.

With powerful airflows and satisfying accuracy, this equipment is not just for commercial use, but is also a fantastic investment for any large garden.

Efco SA2700BP Backpack Leaf Blower

Rated five stars out of five by Popular Mechanics magazine, the Efco SA2700BP is incredibly efficient and comes with a 0.6L fuel tank that means you can work for plenty of time between stops.
Armed with everything from an air filter for working in dusty conditions to a duck-bill nozzle that makes an airflow of up to 12.0m3/min at 65m/s easy and effortless to direct, the SA2700BP makes light work of large tasks. A traditional recoil starter means you won’t struggle to get going, and the comfortable padding of the harness and all round ergonomically-pleasing design make this device a winning choice.

Husqvarna 350BT Backpack Leaf Blower

A little more expensive than Efco’s five-star rated offering, the Husqvarna 350BT proves itself to be worth every penny. The innovative X-Torq® system can improve fuel efficiency by up to 20% compared with other models, and the cleverly-crafted LowVib® vibration dampening technology helps to minimise vibrations while you work – improving your own energy efficiency, too.

If that’s not enough to make you think this is a great value choice, perhaps the cruise control setting will do it. Rather than having to keep the throttle engaged as you do with the Efco, simply switch on cruise control and you can keep the fan at your desired speed without keeping your finger on the button.

Husqvarna tools are a mainstay of the commercial gardening world thanks to their long lifespan and impressive results, and if you’ve got a sizeable garden that threatens hours of tidying throughout the year you’d do well to grant yourself more time to enjoy it by leaving the hard work to the 350BT.

Echo PB-580 Backpack Leaf Blower

Designed with commercial use in mind, the Echo PB-580 falls between Efco’s SA2700BP and the Husqvarna 350BT on the budget scale, and much like both of these models it offers plenty of value for money.

Many hands make light work, and 690m³/h airflow coming out of the PB-580’s nozzle, at speeds of 73m/s, will certainly do that too. This machine houses a knock-out 50.8cc Stratified Scavenging two-stroke petrol engine which boosts performance, reduces particle emissions and increases fuel efficiency all at the same time. Not bad.

Capable of out-performing just about any other kind of two-stroke engine, the PB-580 is attention-worthy indeed. A substantial 1.72litre fuel tank means that even the biggest tasks can be undertaken without the need to stop and refuel, and Posi-Loc connectors provide stability during use and prevent your blower tube from coming loose.

This pick may not have the smooth-talking LowVib® system the Husqvarna is equipped with, but it does also offer additional rain gutter and vacuum attachments, meaning even more possibility to minimise tedious tasks and spend more time enjoying your garden.