Which Is The Best Chainsaw For Your Garden?

There are all sorts of reasons that people look to buy and use a new chainsaw. You may need to remove old branches from trees that overhang your garden or greenhouse, or you may need to remove the trees altogether. Some tasks, such as wood chopping and DIY, will be simplest with an electric, corded chainsaw that you can plug in and get going. Bigger jobs- and anything that requires you to be far from the nearest power source – will probably require a cordless, petrol-powered option. Here we take a look at the best tools for each task, and help you to find the best chainsaw for you.

Best Chainsaw for Felling

Echo CS-420ES Petrol Chainsaw
For larger jobs like felling and bucking trees, a petrol-powered chainsaw is a must. This professional-grade model is portable and easy to use, but still packs a powerful punch. Featuring Power Boost Tornado technology – which gives you better fuel efficiency and fewer exhaust emissions than other makes- the Echo also comes with an air pre-cleaner system for dust control and multiple anti-vibration cushions at the rear handle, to ensure that you don’t tire out too quickly during use! This model can cope with smaller and medium-sized trees easily.

Husqvarna 135 Petrol Chainsaw
With a generously sized fuel tank meaning that you get maximum cutting time between refills, this lightweight saw is great both for small hobby tasks and for felling and pruning small trees. The casing on this model actually features felling marks, to help you with precision when cutting and to help determine which way your tree will fall when cut. With a side-mounted chain tensioner and adjustable oil pump, this chainsaw is full of features that make sure you fell well!

Best Chainsaw for Limbing

MT3700 PS Power Sharp Petrol Chainsaw
Designed to take on tough cutting jobs, the Power Sharp can easily slice through difficult branches and comes with a sharpening stone you can use to sharpen the chain quickly and effectively without tools – in just five seconds! The lightweight build of this model (4.1kg) makes it easy to handle and control, and those looking for a long-lasting tool will be pleased to know that the components of the Power Sharp are incredibly durable- from the forged steel connecting rod and crankshaft to the nickel engine cylinder.

TCK Garden TRT5350 Petrol Chainsaw
This chainsaw keeps things simple, with automatic chain lubrication and a 53cc 2-stroke engine. Accompanied by vibration-dampening technology for comfortable use, and a chain brake allowing you to stop the chain at any time for added safety, the TRT5350 is basic but powerful, and provides easy-to-use power for jobs like limbing and chopping wood. This one is also one of the most affordable chainsaws in the petrol range, and a good place to get started if you’re new to the technology.

Best Chainsaw for Smaller Tasks

Bosch AKE 35 S Electric Chainsaw
If it’s precision you’re after, this incredibly lightweight choice proves itself easy to manoeuvre regardless of your strength or experience. Fitted with a rapid-response kickback brake and chain safety catch bolt, this chainsaw tries to be as safe as possible for users to get stuck in with. Despite its lightness, the 1800W motor on this saw gives it a strong power-to-weight ratio that means you get an easy cut every time – and combined with a chain speed of 9m/s you can always guarantee a fast and precise result.

Efco MT 1800 E Electric Chainsaw
Cleaner and cheaper to run than many of its counterparts, the Efco MT 1800 E is specifically designed for light work in residential settings, and is therefore perfect for smaller tasks like chopping firewood or cutting bits and pieces for DIY. With a simple 230V motor designed so that very little maintenance is required, this tool should keep lasting and lasting, providing fast, efficient cutting in an easy-to-control design. Beginners and old hands alike will enjoy the “no tools” chain system, allowing you to fit, adjust and tension your chain with ease, as well as the comfortable ergonomic design of the handles.

The best chainsaw for your garden may be a big petrol-powered bruiser that can chop through thick trunks, or the lightest electric model you can easily guide through the log-pile in winter. Whichever your pleasure, one of the above should cover you well.