Best Electric Strimmers, Brush Cutters & Grass Trimmers

When it comes to garden maintenance, a lawnmower is ideal for doing the heavy lifting. However, there are some tasks it simply can’t do. Brushcutters can tackle coarse and unruly undergrowth on undeveloped land, while trimmers neaten up borders and areas around ornaments and other garden fixtures. 

We believe the latter devices are just as indispensable to garden maintenance as a lawnmower, which is why we’ve prepared this guide on the best electric brushcutters and grass trimmers.

Why go electric?

Electric models are quite popular for three reasons: 

  1. They are so easy to use that even if you have little experience working with such tools, it won’t take you long to figure them out and tidy up your garden.
  2. They are lightweight.
  3. They are quiet.

The best electric brushcutters

If you’re keen to stay electric when it comes to brushcutters, you will probably need to go with a battery-powered model, since corded models are few and far between. That’s because it can be dangerous to trail lengthy cables behind you while brushcutting, plus these cables might provide limited reach. 

Bosch make some of the best electric brushcutters and grass trimmers. Their GFR 25 is at the very top end of the scale. It’s a high-performance model that has all of the advantages of a petrol engine with none of the fumes, noise or vibration issues. It also boasts a running time of 90 minutes (chargeable in just 42 minutes).

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, then consider the Husqvarna 536 LiL. It is energy efficient and offers 25% more energy than models in the same class. 

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Best electric strimmers

Again, Bosch has a number of terrific options here. The ART 26 SL is perfect for gardeners looking to simply neaten up borders without getting too bogged down by bells and whistles. At a budget-friendly price, it offers superb handling and a cutting circumference of 26cm, making it ideal for smaller jobs.

The ART 35, on the other hand, is a beefier option with a 600W motor and a 35cm cutting circumference. It’s great for tackling areas of stubborn scrub and brushwood. As is to be expected, it’s both more expensive and heavier than the other Bosch model, but the manufacturers have put every effort into making it user-friendly, with ergonomically designed grips, a comfortable shoulder strap and weight distribution for optimised handling.

Another brand that produces some of the very best electric strimmers is Efco. Their high-end products are suitable for heavy-duty gardening needs. The Efco 8061 and the Efco 8091 are both equipped with powerful motors (600W and 850W respectively) and both weigh less than the equivalent Bosch model (3.2kg and 3.5kg compared to 4.6kg). They are the ideal combination of brawn and manoeuvrability for tougher home jobs.

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We hope you found our buying guide on the best electric brushcutters and grass trimmers useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.