Best Electric Chainsaws

Chainsaws are known for making light work of arduous cutting tasks, having long replaced labour-intensive and time-consuming manual methods to make both domestic and professional woodcutting tasks easier than ever.

But most people don’t realise how many different types of chainsaw there are, or their different capabilities. When it comes to investing in a machine of your own, this can make it challenging to figure out the best option for your individual or professional needs.

Why go electric?

For the average domestic users, the chugging noise of a petrol engine and stifling emissions it produces can be enough to make you think twice about how badly you want your own chainsaw. However, thanks to leaps and bounds in technology, there are plenty of user-friendly electric alternatives for undertaking challenging cutting work.

Apart from keeping the cutting chain sharp, electric chainsaws require virtually no maintenance, as they don’t need to be continuously refuelled, and usually feature a much simpler starting mechanism than their petrol counterparts. They are also far quieter and emit no exhaust fumes, making them ideal for those living in built-up neighbourhoods or areas where you need to keep it down. Modern electric chainsaws are able to achieve all of this without compromising on efficiency, even challenging petrol models for power.

The best electric chainsaws

The market for electric chainsaws is one of the most exciting out of all the garden machines, as new technology makes these machines both affordable and high-performance, with a huge diversity in capability.

The Bosch AKE 35 S electric chainsaw is a perfect example of a low-cost machine that balances easy handling and efficiency. Weighing only 4kg, it’s the lightest chainsaw available from this manufacturer, making it easy to use regardless of how strong or experienced the operator is. The lack of weight isn’t down to a lack of power, however. It’s a high-performance machine equipped with a 1800W motor and an impressive chain speed of 9m/s, making quick and precise work of most wood cutting operations.

If you want a hassle-free machine for basic domestic use, the brilliant Efco MT2000E Electric Chainsaw is ergonomically designed specifically for cutting work in residential settings. Its simple 230V motor requires very little upkeep, and is built with a ‘no tools’ chain system, allowing you to do all your chain maintenance quickly and easily.

A sometimes-rival to powerful petrol machines, the Husqvarna 420EL 16” 2000W electric chainsaw is designed to offer the best possible overall performance and manoeuvrability. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional user, this machine delivers all the cutting power without the time-consuming maintenance and stifling exhaust fumes of most of its petrol counterparts. It’s fitted with an inertia chain brake for added protection and its power cable is a whopping 5 metres long, offering more flexibility than the majority of electric chainsaws.