Best Garden Hand Tools

Regardless of their level of experience and expertise, any gardener worth their salt will require a multitude of different hand tools to tackle the great yonder out in their garden. Nothing beats getting down on your hands and knees are wrestling away with Mother Nature in hand-to-hand combat, and for that you’ll need a full armoury of implements to make sure she doesn’t best you.

However, the sheer profusion of hand tools on the market nowadays can cause headaches even for veteran horticulturists. It doesn’t matter whether you’re green-fingered or just green, one trowel can often be difficult to tell from another unless you’re clued up on the best manufacturers and materials. Fortunately, we at Lawnmowers Direct are, so you don’t have to worry. This handy guide will give a brief rundown on which tools to look out for and which manufacturers to favour.

Best hand tool brands

Quality can often be difficult to ascertain at first glance, especially to the untrained eye. For that reason, we only stock tried and tested products from the world’s best manufacturers who meet the highest standards of customer experience and practicality. Among others, these include:

  • Bosch. One of the most established names in the gardening world, Bosch are equally adept at crafting saws and switchblades as they are producing lawnmowers and hedge trimmers.
  • Bulldog Tools. Based in Wigan, Bulldog Tools is proud to possess the only remaining forge in the UK which is devoted to the creation of spades, forks and other garden tools.
  • Radius Garden. Leading lights in the field of ergonomic design, Radius Garden place an emphasis on creating quality implements which are comfortable to hold and minimise the risk of injury from repetitive strains and stresses.
  • Wolf Garten. Germany enjoys a reputation of producing efficient, well-made and long-lasting products and Wolf Garten is no different. Its extensive range of tools has won a plethora of awards over the years from the gardening community.
  • Wilkinson Sword. This UK-based company started out in 1772 by fashioning swords and is probably more famous today for its range of razors and other shaving products, but they also have well over 100 years of experience in creating quality gardening tools, as well.


Types of garden tools available

Do you know a hawk from a handsaw? Well, we sure hope so, seeing as how they are absolutely nothing alike… but even if you don’t, the short list below will run you through some of the various types of hand tools you can expect to come across at LMD.

  • Bulb planters. These ingenious little contraptions take all of the backache out of planting bulbs by shooting your crops into the ground at the touch of a button. Depth and diameter of the hole can be specified prior to use.
  • Forks. Primarily used to soften up densely-packed earth and extricate root vegetables from their plots, forks are one of the stalwarts of the gardener’s armoury.
  • Grenades. No, these aren’t tools of gardening warfare as the name might suggest – they simply facilitate more accurate log-splitting. Just position the tip of the grenade onto the desired log and whack it with a mallet or blunt edge of an axe.
  • Hatchets. Essentially a mini-axe, hatchets make child’s play of saplings and smaller tree branches for all of your pruning and lumberjacking needs.
  • Hoes. Specially designed to cut weeds just under the surface of the soil and loosen up dirt prior to planting, hoes should be found in every area code.
  • Multi-tools. The Swiss army knife of the gardening world, multi-tools allow gardeners to tackle a variety of jobs with just one instrument.
  • Saws. There’s no tool for cutting through larger branches or pieces of timber quite like a saw. We offer a full range, from folding handsaws to 24″ inch bowsaws.
  • Trowels. The fork’s best friend, the trowel can be used to scoop up loosened dirt and transplant material from one location to another. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from wide-form perfect for scooping to narrow-form, ideal for transplanting.