Best Petrol Chainsaws

The most well-known quality of a chainsaw is its power, making easy work of jobs that you would otherwise spend hours on with manual tools, consequently taking a significant toll on you physically. Chainsaws are invaluable devices in this respect for a wide variety of domestic or professional activities. But to the untrained eye, they might all look pretty similar. It can be hard trying to figure out what chainsaws offer not only the best technology, but the best solution to your woodcutting needs.

Why choose petrol?

The kind of chainsaw you need depends largely on the size of your garden or the scope of your project. Compared to their electric counterparts, petrol chainsaws pack an additional punch in terms of power and freedom, making them ideal for medium to large-scale jobs. The lack of cable means that you can move around unimpeded, allowing you to cover far more space.

You can use your petrol chainsaw for heavy pruning, cutting through larger logs, or, if you’re a professional, you might be using it to give your customers the best in forestry or tree surgery services.

Petrol chainsaws do require a bit of extra TLC than their electric counterparts, including servicing the engine, making sure the fuel tank is always topped up, sharpening the cutting teeth and keeping the chain at the correct tension. However, it’s all worth it for the right machine, particularly when it makes those arduous days’ work a whole lot easier.

Best petrol chainsaws

The market for petrol chainsaws is thankfully very diverse, and you can find chainsaws suited to a wide range of jobs and spending budgets.

One of the most highly-regarded chainsaw brands in the world, Husqvarna take care of customers with a lower budget as well as some of the higher-end, heavy-duty machines. The Husqvarna 236 Petrol Chainsaw is an ideal choice for domestic use, such as chopping firewood or conducting light property maintenance. It’s incredibly lightweight at only 4.7kg and is equipped with anti-vibration technology and an easy-start system, making it user-friendly and perfect for light outdoor usage. At only £150, this high-performance, low-hassle domestic machine won’t break the bank.

For a step up from your average home-use chainsaw, ECHO’s CS-420ES is ideal for felling, snedding and bucking medium-sized trees, designed for use by professional and semi-professional users. This impressive machine offers substantial cutting power without overwhelming the user, and is equipped with an easy start system, which reduces starter cord resistance by up to 50%, saving you valuable time from the word go.

If you’re looking for a high-end machined designed specifically for working in the most challenging conditions, look no further than the Husqvarna 550XPG Petrol Chainsaw.

With its mighty 50.1cc X-Torq two-stroke petrol engine, this machine features the most powerful engine in any Husqvarna chainsaw, delivering an enormous maximum power output of 6.2kW at an impressive 9,000RPM. Although surprisingly user-friendly, with ergonomically designed handles, intuitive controls and innovative LowVib® anti-vibration technology, this is still one of the most powerful saws in the world. It’s probably not the best idea to use this for light household tasks or a spot of DIY, but if you’ve got slightly loftier ambitions or are undertaking professional work, it doesn’t really get much better than this.