Efco Multimate Combi-Tool | Great Value For Money

We all recognise the importance of getting value for money these days and this is especially important around the house and home, particularly if we are buying products that we will use frequently.

There’s nothing better than simple value for money. A purchase that can serve a multitude of uses is worth significantly more, adding more value when it can save you space and time as well.

The design and engineering teams at the Emak factory in Italy have come up with a truly excellent product that meets all of the above criteria in a space and money saving package know as the Efco Multimate Combined System.

Efco Multimate Combi-Tool

Aimed at gardeners and homeowners with diverse and changing requirements throughout the gardening year, the Efco Multimate has evolved from the increasing demand for a tool that can serve more than one purpose. The system includes attachments of a grass trimmer; a brush cutter, a hedge trimmer, a leaf blower and a long reach pole pruner. These basic yet essential attachments cover the most common tasks that are routine throughout the gardening seasons, allowing the user to easily adapt to his or her changing gardening needs.

The cornerstone of the Multimate Combi System is the 30cc 2-stroke petrol engine. Manufactured to meet the highest possible Euro 2 emissions regulations, the Multimate Engine Unit includes an innovative 3-spring anti-vibration system to ensure maximum comfort for the operator.

A host of user-friendly features are packed into this compact and lightweight engine, including a snap fit filter cover for rapid inspections of the foam filter, a built in choke lever and easily visible primer. Most important of all is the patented Rev&Go coupling device, an innovative bayonet fixing that allows for rapid, tool-free changing of the various attachments, usually taking no more than five seconds for each implement.

Efco Multimate StrimmerOne of the most widely used garden tools is the brushcutter. Essential throughout the growing months, a brushcutter is necessary when the need to clear undergrowth and long grass is at a premium. The Multimate Brushcutter Attachment is supremely easy to attach to the main power unit with a twist of the wrist. Once fitted, it is particularly comfortable to use due to the ergonomic handgrip that can be adjusted to suit the users height or favoured posture. As with most brushcutters, a 4-blade steel disc is also supplied, best employed when cutting through more mature or fibrous vegetation.

If a brushcutter is a little more than you require, the Multimate Grasstrimmer Attachment is the tool for you. A bent shaft with a 2.0mm Tap’n Go nylon line will make light work of clearing up around pots and garden ornaments whilst the same comfort in use is available as with the brushcutter, due to the adjustable handgrip attached to the shaft.

If leaf fall during the autumn or drier summer months causes you a few headaches, especially with blocked drains or obscured pathways, the Efco Multimate Blower Attachment may be the answer to your problems. Attached in the same quick fashion as the brushcutter and grass trimmer implements, the leaf blower will clear driveways and patios of the most stubborn leaves and debris with an impressive air speed of 60m/second. When in use it is extremely comfortable to operate with the majority of the machine’s weight carried by the easily attached comfort harness and, as with other attachments in the Multimate range, the comfort handgrip is fully adjustable to suit the operator’s physique.

Staying with the leafy theme a little longer, the final two Multimate attachments are designed to assist with the maintenance of hedging and mature trees.

The Multimate Hedgetrimmer Attachment is well suited to maintaining a variety of hedging due to the fully articulating blade that is capable of working in 12 different positions, making the cutting of hedges that are curved or awkward in nature a much easier task. Adding to this is the ability to attach the hedge-trimming implement in 2 different positions, at 0° and 90° to the power unit, furthering the versatility of the tool.

If the lopping off tree limbs is a routine task for you, the final attachment in the Multimate stable will be of great benefit. The Multimate Pruner Atachment will enable the lopping off limbs up to 3 meters from the ground, with a choice of working with the blade either vertically or horizontally, depending on conditions.

The 10” blade will accommodate branches up to 12cm in diameter and to make sure that operator comfort is assured, the rubber-coated shaft arm gives a sure grip and reduces vibrations.

Many gardening combi-tool systems are on the market nowadays, some of them excellent products that come at a hefty price, others that are less than reliable at the lower end of the price scale.

At Lawnmowers Direct, we believe that the Efco Multimate Combi-Tool offers excellent performance characteristics and build quality for the domestic user, but also comes at a very affordable price, providing the great value for money we all like to experience.

There’s no need to purchase the entire system, simply pick and choose the attachments that suit your needs and build as you go. If you feel that a wider choice of attachments is called for, more are on the way. Emak plan on introducing a long reach hedge trimmer attachment alongside a lawn edger and, believe it or not, a fully functional mini-tiller that will also accept scarifying tines and a plough!

Keep in touch with us here at LawnMowers Direct to find out more about the new Efco Multimate attachments when they become available and also for other new, high-quality garden tools that we feel will benefit our current and new customers alike. Please feel free to call us on tel. 01245 383565  if you can’t find what you are looking for on our website, we’ll be happy to help.