Electric Hedge Trimmers

Sometimes, looking at unruly hedges in your garden can evoke more exasperation than motivation. To the average homeowner, it can appear a daunting and time-consuming task. But technology and time has made it easier than ever to enjoy beautifully manicured hedges, regardless of your skill level. Whether you’re a professional or not, it’s as much about having the right equipment as it is the proper technique.


Electric hedge trimmers are ideally suited to the domestic gardener who wants to reap the benefits of beautifully-maintained hedgerows, shrubs and bushes without the arduous work. Convenience is a priority with these machines, allowing even a user with minimal experience to achieve a gorgeous, tidy finish. With their quiet-running motors, they also won’t infuriate your neighbours if you live in a built-up urban or residential area.

As technology has progressed, electric hedge trimmers have begun outperforming their petrol alternatives. Their lightweight design makes them user-friendly and they are cleaner-running than any petrol burning counterpart, so you won’t be choking on unpleasant exhaust fumes. Being able to plug directly into the mains electricity alleviates you of the charging times of cordless trimmers and the additional expense that comes with refuelling a petrol machine.

The best electric hedge trimmers

For an electric hedge trimmer at the cutting edge of technology, Bosch’s affordable and high-quality machines will not disappoint.

The AHS 45-16 model is ergonomically designed for comfort and extremely lightweight, weighing in at only 2.6kg and is ideally suited for those with a small garden or small shrubs. The shape of this machine has been carefully minimised and streamlined, making it as manoeuvrable as possible, even for the most amateur gardener. The 45cm blade is still long enough to give you good reach, even above your head, and the 16mm tooth-spacing powers through the branch and helps you avoid skidding.

However, Bosch offers models for gardens of all sizes, right up to the AHS 70-34, whose powerful 700W motor and super-long 70cm blade can deal easily with tall, thick hedges and woody shrubs. However, the manufacturer still hasn’t compromised on usability. This superpower of an electric hedge trimmer only weighs 3.8kg, 15% less than predecessor models, and the handles feature a soft grip and multiple switches in different positions, allowing for maximum comfort and ease of use.

For something in between, the Bosch AHS 60-26, was recently voted the best all-around hedge trimmer on the market. The mains-powered 600W motor has all the power you need to cope with tough branches and a medium-to-large hedge, while the 60cm laser-cut, diamond ground blade has been designed for maximum reach, making easy work of branches in awkward positions.