Hedge Trimmers and Cutters For Garden Maintenance

Bosch Hedge Trimmers and Cutters Due to the late spring this year much plant growth is a little behind its normal growing schedule, in some cases up to two weeks behind that of more recent years.

With this being the case it will be easy to overlook jobs that are routinely carried out during the latter part of spring or early summer, with hedge trimming likely to be at the top of the ‘overlooked’ list.

Hedges are finally starting to put a growth spurt on and with it come the normal hindrances of blocked pathways, obscured entrances and exits to driveways and, from an aesthetic point of view, borders that are starting to take on a slightly rustic appearance.

At LawnMowers Direct, we thought it would be a good idea to run-through a small selection of hedge cutting equipment and what to look for when buying a hedge trimmer online; not only machines that will keep small hedges under control but also look at hedge cutters with longer blades that are suitable for larger amounts of hedging.

Traditional hand shears are not often used for large-scale hedge trimming any longer, although they are still very popular with experienced gardeners looking for a precise finish to their hedging.

The well-established German hand tool manufacturer Wolf Garten produces some excellent quality shears with the Wolf Garten HSB Box Tree Shear being no exception. It is a first choice for owners of box hedges and topiary enthusiasts who appreciate the short, curved, double edged blades and plastic handles that are light weight and extremely easy to use.

If you do want to trim a larger area of hedging with a good quality hand shear, the heavier and more robust Wolf Garten HSTL Traditional Hedge Shear will be your first choice due to the comfortable wooden grips and shock absorbing buffers located at the hinge.

Powered hedge trimmers are the obvious choice for any large amount of hedge cutting, with a choice of electric, battery and petrol-powered machines available to buy.

The advances in battery technology of recent times has led to the cordless hedgetrimmer becoming a genuine alternative to the less flexible mains powered hedge trimmer, with performance statistics comparing favourably between the two styles. If you are shopping on a budget and only have a limited amount of hedge trimming to carry out, the ever-reliable Bosch AHS 41 Accu Cordless Hedgecutter is an excellent purchase thanks to its diamond ground, double reciprocating blades and an 14.4-volt, Ni-Cd battery.

Kawasaki KHS750B Petrol HedgetrimmerIf you are looking for a hedge trimmer at the cutting edge of technology, the lithium-ion tools from Bosch will not disappoint.

Superbly light weight and ergonomic, the Bosch AHS 48 LI Cordless Hedge Cutter has laser-cut, diamond ground blades with a 15 mm tooth spacing for a super clean cut of medium-weight growth. Slightly larger is the Bosch AHS 52 LI Cordless Hedge Cutter with a 52cm cutting-blade, offering slightly better coverage over larger areas of hedging when compared to its cousin. Both machines have the ‘Bosch Anti-Blocking System’ that prevents the hedge cutter from stalling should particularly tough growth be encountered, ensuring continuous cutting performance, which, when taking into account the running-time of the 18-volt lithium-ion batteries, can be up to one hour without the need for recharging.

Owners of large gardens with particularly mature or established hedging will probably want to purchase a petrol powered hedge trimmer and take advantage of the extra performance offered from the petrol engine and heavier duty blades.

Those of you looking for a bargain will appreciate the Chinese made Sanli HSD2655 Petrol Hedge Trimmer with 22” double-sided cutting blade and fuel-efficient 26cc 2-stroke engine.

If top quality is a primary concern for you, look no further than the superb Efco TG 2600 XP Petrol Hedge Trimmer with 25.4cc low emission engine and professional grade anti-vibration platform. Outstanding features of the Efco TG 2600 XP include the extremely sharp 24” cutting blade with a tooth pitch of 35mm, allowing the cutting of reasonably mature growth and 180° swivel rear handle for easy trimming even when working at an angle.

We mustn’t forget the ever-reliable petrol hedge trimmers from Husqvarna, with the Husqvarna 122HD45 Petrol Hedgetrimmer  offering excellent performance with Smart Start® technology to get you working more quickly and hardened steel blades to keep down-time to a minimum.

There’s no doubt that choosing the right hedge trimmer to suit your particular needs is vitally important in terms of balancing performance, weight and durability to your own specific application or personal requirements. Here, at Lawnmowers Direct, we are more than happy to advise you as to what the right piece of garden equipment will be for you and your garden. Please feel free to call us on 01245 383565 where quality advise is only a phone call away.