How To Check Your Lawn Mower Oil Levels

A common problem with petrol lawn mowers is that users will inadvertently put in too little (or too much) engine oil. If you then try to start the mower, the engine can seize. While this can be fixed, it can be expensive and it won’t be covered by warranty and if you’ve just bought a new lawn mower this will be really annoying.

For customers who buy through our showrooms, we fill the mowers ready for use. Unfortunately though, due to regulations, we have to ship products dry when they’re going with a courier. We try and keep things simple, so we include a free bottle of oil in the correct grade for your engine with the purchase of every petrol lawn mower. The exact quantity you require will depend on your engine, so you will need to check the manual carefully before filling – putting too much oil in can be just as bad as not putting in enough.

Checking oil levels is really simple, and as it can save on totally unnecessary repairs, its something everyone should do.

  1. Remove the dipstick from your lawn mower and wipe clean any residual oil
  2. Place the dipstick back into the mower and withdraw
  3. Check where the oil comes up to. If it reaches the top of the textured part of the dipstick then the engine is correctly filled
  4. Too much or too little oil can cause significant damage to the engine. If needed, top up your oil to the correct level and then recheck using the dipstick
  5. Replace the dipstick and tighten

And there you have it! Checking your lawn mower oil levels is really that simple.