How To Check Your New Petrol Lawn Mower

Before we send out petrol lawn mowers, they have a pre-delivery inspection in our workshop. This involves unboxing the mower, checking for damage, checking that moving parts are fitted securely (cutting bar, wheels or roller, and height adjustors), checking accessories are included, checking control, filling with oil and petrol, and running up to make sure everything is working as it should before the mower leaves us. We will then drain the mower of all oil and petrol, and repackage, ready for transit.

While everything will be in good condition when it leaves us, as we send our machinery all over the UK with couriers, we strongly advise our customers to very carefully check over their new petrol lawn mower once it arrives in case something has happened in transit. If a little knock has occurred it’s usually nothing to worry about, but if the package has opened up, or the machine has been dropped, then it’s something we’ll need to look into, and we might need to get your machine back for repair or replacement. If you find anything untoward during your checks, please let us know by dropping us an email ([email protected]).

  1. Remove the loose items from the packaging (grass box, free oil, manuals)
  2. Inspect the mower whilst still in the box for any signs of damage
  3. If you’re happy that everything looks okay, remove the mower from the box
  4. Check that there aren’t any broken parts in the box
  5. Check that all the parts that should be there are included. The manual should show what is included. Please note that we register Honda, Hayter, Husqvarna, Atco and Toro products on your behalf
  6. Loosen the handles and bring them into their upright position
  7. Check that the height adjustors work, and that there’s nothing jammed under the grass flap
  8. Fit the spark plug cap if necessary
  9. Turn the fuel tap to the on position
  10. Fill the machine with the correct oil (we supply this free of charge), to the correct level. Use the dip stick to check
  11. Fill the mower with fresh petrol, ideally from a new plastic can, and using a funnel with a gauze
  12. Check that the blade is tight fitted
  13. Assemble the grass box by hooking it over the frame and attach to the mower

Once these stages are complete, and if you haven’t come across any issues, your new petrol lawn mower is ready to use. We would also recommend that you look through the manual before using your lawn mower.