How To Drain Oil Without An Oil Removal Pump

If your lawn mower is coming back to us for a repair, it must be drained of all fuel and oil, and reboxed for transit or the courier will not take it. Oil will need to be changed as part of the service schedule to keep your mower working correctly too, so it’s really useful if you know how to drain oil from your machine. Whilst oil removal pumps are available, and are a neat way of draining the oil, it’s not something everyone owns. We thought it would be useful to demonstrate how to drain oil if you don’t have a pump to hand.

You will need:

  • A container for the oil to drain into
  • A cloth to clean any residue
  • The correct grade of oil for your machine if you’re changing the oil

  1. Remove the dipstick from your machine
  2. Place a suitable container to the side of your machine to catch the oil. We usually use an old oil bottle which we’ve cut the side off Blue Peter style. A reasonably deep tray will work, or any sort of container really
  3. Tip the machine towards the container so the oil begins to drain out. It can take a few minutes, so it’s fine to leave the machine on its side over the container while it’s draining.
    Top tip: Sometimes an air bubble can prevent all the oil coming out, so when you think it’s all drained, right you mower and then tip again – that way you won’t be caught out by some sneaky oil hiding at the bottom on the sump
  4. Stand the machine back up, and wipe off residue
  5. If you’re changing the oil, refill to the correct level with the right grade of oil for your lawnmower
  6. Replace the dipstick