How To Install A Husqvarna Automower

Husqvarna AutomowerWe love the idea of robotic lawnmowers. We have one on display outside our office window for customers to our showroom to see, and it gets a lot of attention. Drivers stop to have a look, and people walking round to our workshop stand and watch it cutting away. With no noticeable clippings, no bag to empty, and a perpetually neat lawn, we can certainly see the appeal. If you’ve ordered a brand new Husqvarna Automower and the right installation kit for your lawn, you’re nearly read to go. Before your Husqvarna Automower® can get to work though, there’s a few little jobs you will have to help it with. The charging station and the boundary wire must be installed and the mower must be linked to the charging station. After that, as soon as your battery is charged you will be ready to go.

    1. Place the charging station on level ground fairly centrally, making sure there is a large empty area in front of it, and tap the pegs through the holes in the base plate to secure it to the ground. Connect the low voltage cable to the charging station and the transformer, and connect the transformer’s power cord to a 230v wall socket. Put your new Automower in the charging station while you carry on with the installation. From empty, charging will take somewhere between 80 and 100 minutes.


    1. Place the boundary wire along the edge of the lawn and secure the cable to the lawn with the staples which are included in the installation kit (sold separately from the Automower itself). Within a few weeks, the grass will grow over the wire, making it practically invisible. It’s really important that the wire lies close to the ground to prevent it from being cut. Lay ‘islands’ of wire around flowerbeds and bushes to stop your mower from running into them.


    1. Lay the guide wire. This wire will lead the Automower back to its charging station when the battery needs a boost. Connect one end to the charging station, and a place the wire straight across to the furthest part of the lawn. Attach the other end to the boundary wire where they intersect. Both the boundary wire and the guide wire are then connected to the charging station.


  1. Turn on your Automower and enter your four digit PIN. If you’re not sure what your PIN is, speak to the dealer who you purchased the Automower from; they’ll be able to look the serial number up for you on the Husqvarna system. The sit back and relax – you have mowed your lawn for the last time!

Husqvarna Automower automatically cuts your grass, continuously combining efficient mowing and charging. Once charged, the mower reverses, and leaves the charging station in a randomly selected direction. It then goes about its work – cutting the grass up to and just over the boundary wire, coping with inclines of up to 45 percent and trimming closely around trees and shrubs. Its irregular cutting pattern across the lawn makes for a very even finish – since the grass is cut from many different angles – and also prevents track marks.

Husqvarna Automower will recharge itself by docking into its charging station. While the mower seeks out its charging station it reserves its power supply by ceasing to mow. It normally finds the charging station within a few minutes.


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