How To Drain Oil With An Oil Removal Pump

Removing oil from your lawn mower can be a messy business, and yet it is also necessary. As part of the maintenance schedule you will need to change your oil, just like you would with your car. This is because the oil deteriorates over time. If you need to send back your lawn mower to us for any reason (repairs for example), it will need to be drained of oil and petrol first.

With a siphon pump such as the reliable Briggs and Stratton oil removal pump, you are able to drain the oil without the need to tip your mower.

  1. Assemble the pump as per the manufacturer’s instructions (with the Briggs and Stratton pump which we sell, the instructions will be included)
  2. Remove the dipstick from the engine
  3. Place a tissue underneath to catch any stray drops of oil
  4. Insert the tube into the machine until you feel it stop
  5. Operate the siphon pump and watch the oil come out of your mower
  6. Once all the oil has been drained, remove the tube, wipe with a tissue or rag, and move the pump out of the way

To refill the engine

  1. Check you have the correct grade of oil for your mower (it’ll be mentioned in your manual)
  2. Insert a funnel, and slowly pour the oil in. As oil is viscose, take your time and allow the oil to feed into the sump
  3. Remove the funnel
  4. Use the dipstick to check the level. If the oil is around the textured part of the dipstick then it is at a sufficient level for operation
  5. Refit the dipstick
  6. Dispose of old oil responsibly at your local recycling centre

If you don’t have an oil removal pump, don’t worry. Simply head over to watch our video about how to drain oil without a pump to see how best to drain your engine of oil.