Buying Guides: Lawnmowers

Would you know which type of lawnmower you need if you want to create a striped effect on your grass? Have you ever wondered if a petrol or a cordless lawnmower would be more suitable for your garden? Have you come across the wonderful world of robot mowers?

There’s a whole host of different types of lawnmower on the market, but if you’re not sure where to start looking then the choice can be overwhelming. We try and keep the website easy to navigate, grouping machines by the way that they’re powered as well as by whether they are rotary, hover, cylinder mowers or garden tractors. Researching your purchase when it is something which you’ll be using continually throughout the summer months and hopefully something which you’ll have for years to come is really important, and can be the difference between the perfect fit and buying completely the wrong type of machine and being entirely disappointed with the results. From a guide to buying lawnmowers online to informative articles about different types of lawnmower and our best selling machines, this section could help with any buying decisions.

If you’re still struggling to decide which type of machine or which specific model will be best for you, head over to our contact page to seek out expert advice directly. Remember that we also offer a replacement policy, meaning that if the product you buy isn’t suitable you’ll be able to exchange it for something which is.