Our Best Electric Lawnmowers For Small Lawns

Best Electric MowersThe start to the spring and early summer of this year has been unusually cold, and with it the explosive burst of growth that we normally associate with spring is yet to arrive. This has led to many people delaying the purchase of a new lawn mower or other item of garden machinery until they feel the time is right to invest, or until the grass is simply too long to ignore any longer.

With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to tell you which lawn mowers have proven to be the most popular with our customers so far, and a few tips as to why this may be the case.

It will be easiest to break things up a little by putting the mowers into different categories and for the purposes of this entry we will look at our best selling electric lawn mowers, mainly the electric rotary lawn mowers from Bosch but also the electric cylinder lawnmowers from Allett, in particular the Allett Classic.

We’ve also noticed that a lot of people have shown great interest in the range of cordless lawn mowers from Bosch, highlighting the desire of many of our customers to take a modern, environmentally aware approach to garden maintenance.

For a long time the Bosch Rotak 40 Ergo-Flex Electric Rotary Lawn Mower has been a firm favourite amongst corded rotary lawn mower users although it seems to have been beaten into second spot recently by the Bosch Rotak 43 Ergo-Flex Lawn Mower. It may be that the slightly wider cutting width of the Bosch Rotak 43 over the Rotak 40, for the little extra that you pay, has tipped the balance in favour of the larger machine.

Homeowners with small gardens are still remaining loyal towards the ever-popular Bosch Rotak 34 Lawn Mower although we have noticed that sales of the excellent Bosch Rotak 32 LI have been overtaking the Bosch Rotak 34 in recent times. This is almost certainly as a result of the improved performance of lithium ion batteries lately, allowing the Rotak 34 LI to perform at the same level as the corded Rotak 34, with the convenience of no mains cable trailing behind the lawn mower.

For slightly larger lawns the Bosch Rotak 37 Ergo-Flex is still selling well, holding its own amongst other Rotak lawn mowers. The sales of the Bosch Rotak 37 LI are catching up quickly though, due to the extra flexibility offered by the battery powered machine over the mains powered alternative.

We’ve also noticed that the Hayter Envoy 36 Electric Lawn Mower is proving to be very popular and is an excellent alternative to the Bosch Rotak electric lawn mowers, providing the same striped effect due to the built in rear roller, and with a 17 meter power cable, the Hayter Envoy is particularly suitable for long, narrow urban lawns.

As previously mentioned, Allett electric cylinder mowers have been selling exceptionally well this year, with the Allett Classic 12E being by far the most popular. It certainly seems that the striped lawn effect is popular at the moment, with the ultra fine cut of cylinder mowers such as the Allett Classic and Kensington machines leaving a very defined stripe, as seen on bowling greens and tennis courts.

Please remember though, if you want to use a cylinder mower on your lawn that your lawn surface needs to be in good order with no bumps or rough areas where the cylinder blades can catch and snag.

There you have it, a quick summary of our best selling electric and cordless lawn mowers so far this year. Hopefully this will give you a slightly better idea of which lawn mower may be most suitable for your garden, when the grass finally starts to grow, and you feel that buying a new lawn mower isn’t such a bad idea. Remember to call us at LawnMowers Direct on tel. 01245 383565 if you need any further assistance in choosing the right machine.