Our Best Selling Petrol 4 Wheel Rotary Mowers

Honda Izy Petrol 4 Wheel Rotary MowersIn our second look at best selling petrol lawnmowers for the early part of this year, it makes perfect sense to look at the type of lawnmower that makes up the bulk of our sales, not only during the early part of the season but year round, every year; petrol 4-wheel rotary mowers.

It is no surprise that 4-wheel rotary mowers are the most popular type of machine due to them offering great versatility over a variety of garden and grass types.

They are particularly easy to use and maintain and the versions without self drive systems, such as the ever-popular Honda Izy HRG416PK, are often very simple machines with very little to go wrong. The HRG416PK is understandably our best selling lawn mower due, in a large part, to the excellent Honda engines and extremely user-friendly layout of the controls.

The Honda HRG416 series of lawn mowers doesn’t end with this model however; the Honda HRG416SK is the self-propelled version of the HRG416PK and offers the same excellent user-friendly controls of its sibling. Either machine is well suited to smaller gardens with the HRG 415 SD a better choice if your lawn has the odd undulation or gentle slope.

Customers owning properties with a medium size lawn have frequently opted for the Honda HRG465SD. Another lawnmower from the Honda Izy range, this time offering an 18” cutting width and again with the excellent Honda petrol engines.

At LawnMowers Direct we’ve noticed increased sales of lawnmowers from the Honda HRX range of 4-wheel rotary mowers. These tools are the top of the range machines in the Honda ‘Core Range’ of garden machinery and offer the very latest technology available on a mower. Models in the range include the HRX 537 HY with hydrostatic drive, the HRX 537 HZ with electric key start and the very high-tech HRX 537 VY with Smart Drive™ lever. These lawnmowers are not cheap but you do get what you pay for and can expect the very best results every time you mow your lawn.

At this point it is also worth mentioning other lawn care products have been high on our customers’ priority lists, with scarifiers and backpack sprayers becoming increasingly popular. The two products go hand-in-hand, as many people will treat their lawns with a moss deterrent before scarifying. The Cooper Pegler sprayers have proven to be ideal for this pre-treatment, which is understandable given the excellent range and quality of product offered by Cooper Pegler.

Perhaps most surprising is the increase in the number of electric scarifiers and aerators we have been selling. By far the most popular are the Bosch ALR 900 Electric Lawnraker, which can remove a surprising amount of moss and thatch for such a lightweight and compact machine, and the more aggressive Bosch AVR 1100 which is a bladed aerator, also electric and particularly effective at loosening and oxygenating compacted areas of lawn. It may be a little late to start your lawn treatment activities right now but don’t forget that an autumn ‘cleaning’ of your lawn is as vital as that in spring.

We hope that the above information will prove to be useful if you are considering buying a new piece of lawn care equipment over the coming weeks. If you need any assistance in choosing the right product, be sure to call us at LawnMowers Direct on tel. 01245 383565 where we will be happy to advise.