Petrol Hedgetrimmers

Hedge-trimming can appear a fairly daunting task to the average homeowner. But whether you’re a professional or not, keeping your garden’s hedges in tip-top shape is as much about the right equipment as it is the proper technique. Time and technology have only made it easier, regardless of your skill level, to enjoy a perfectly manicured garden.

Why go petrol?

Petrol hedge trimmers are ideally suited to homeowners whose gardens have particularly mature or established hedging, or for those who need the perfect machine for a long duration project. They are typically more durable, easy to manoeuvre and can be operated away from a power source. Unlike electric hedge trimmers, you don’t have to worry about the extension cord reaching to wherever you’re working in your garden or the battery running down. All you need is a can of petrol, with the two-stroke oil mixed in, sitting ready to refuel and carry on when needed.

The cutting capability of petrol trimmers are usually greater, spanning up to 25mm compared to 12mm for electric models.

If you’re investing in a petrol hedge trimmer to benefit from the extra power and performance offered from the petrol engine and heavy duty blades, you want to make sure you’re getting the right one for you.

The best petrol hedge trimmers

Those looking to bag a bargain without compromising on quality will likely appreciate the Husqvarna 122HD60. This machine features a 60cm double-edged cutting blade and powerful 21.7cc two-stroke engine. This engine is designed to be as low-noise as is possible with a petrol engine. But disturbing your neighbours doesn’t come at the cost of efficiency, and this hedgetrimmer still has all the power to get the job done.

If money is slightly less of an object, but top-quality is still a primary concern, the Efco TG 2650 XP petrol hedge trimmer might be exactly what you’re looking for. With its super-sharp 24” cutting blade with a tooth pitch of 35mm, it’s ideal for keeping healthy plants in prime condition. Its rear handle has a 180-degree swivel, allowing for easy trimming even when working at an angle. A high-quality build is evident throughout this machine, which is part of Efco’s ‘Sharp Pro’ range, especially in the shape of the professional grade aluminium gear case and drive linkage, which together guarantee a reassuringly long service life, quieter performance and minimal vibration.

Of course, you can never go wrong with reliability. Echo offer supremely reliable and no-fuss petrol hedge trimmers, and we’re particularly fond of the Echo HC1501, whose vibration-isolating technology and ergonomically designed controls makes it hassle-free and easy to handle, allowing you to get on with your work. This is a more lightweight option at 4.7, but don’t mistake that for a lack of power. The HC1501’s 21.2cc two-stroke petrol engine, is a hardworking model and comes equipped with a potent dual-action, double-sided 58cm trimmer blade.