Best Selling Petrol Rear Roller Lawnmowers

Previously we looked at our best selling electric lawn mowers during the spring and early summer, with a view to giving you an idea of which machines have been the most popular with our customers. This time we’ll run through the petrol lawn mowers that are capable of leaving stripes on your lawn, proving themselves to be at the top of most peoples’ shopping lists during the early part of this year.

It’s obvious to say that a petrol lawnmower has distinct performance advantages over an electric mower, or even a cordless machine, in terms of cutting power and size of area that can be covered. For these reasons the online sales of petrol lawnmowers amount to the bulk of garden machinery that we sell from one year to the next.

There’s no doubt that the British gardener still likes to have a defined, striped effect on his or her lawn and this can be achieved with two different types of product; the rear roller rotary such as a Hayter Harrier or a more classical type of cylinder mower, the Kensington from Allett, for example.

The Hayter Harrier range of lawnmowers is a well established favourite amongst gardeners and landscapers alike, with the Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive (413) being a very popular machine for those of you with small to medium size gardens that require a self propelled unit.

The propulsion-less Hayter Harrier 41 (410) is excellent when complete manoeuvrability is needed thanks to the lack of a drive system. Customers with needs for a slightly larger lawnmower, yet still wanting the striped effect have once again opted for the Hayter Harrier 48 (490), the bigger brother of the Harrier 41. The Harrier 48 also has a variable speed function, making it easier for the operator to navigate around tight spaces in the garden.

The Honda brand brings with it assured quality and performance and this has not been lost on our customers. Honda often run promotions to encourage potential customers to join the brand and we find these to be particularly effective. The Honda HRX426QX is a 17” rear roller rotary mower that is an excellent alternative to the Hayter Harrier 41; there’s no doubt that the polymer deck used on this machine is a favourite amongst gardeners. The slightly larger Honda HRX476QX is much the same machine as the HRX426QX, although with a larger 19” cutting deck it is suitable for medium to large size lawns.

Previously we mentioned how popular the electric Allett Classic 12E has been this year. The same popularity has proven to be the case with other Allett stable – both the Allett Classic 14L and Allett Classic 17L are selling extremely well. Suiting the gardener with an extra fine lawn due to the very close cut achieved with a cylinder mower, the Allett Classic and its predecessors has been seen in gardens up and down the British Isles since 1954.

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