Planting Tools – A Handy Guide

There are a number of tools that will make your life easier when it comes to planting new life in the garden. From the trusty spade to the more modern automatic bulb planter, make sure you’ve got what you need to get the job done as effortlessly as possible.

Calling a treaded spade a spade

The main things to think about when shopping for a new spade are the style of blade and the ergonomic shaping of the handle. A classic T-shaped handle may be uncomfortable for some, but provides easy grip, while the more popular YD design is shaped around your hand to prevent rubbing.

It’s worthwhile considering a treaded blade, such as Bulldog Tools Flat Treaded Digging Spade, which offers additional protection for your shoes when in use and can help to prevent slipping in wet or muddy environments. A spade’s job is break up unprepared ground, and the extra grip of a tread can make a huge difference when you’re stamping down with all you’ve got!

Planting evidence

Next up, the garden fork. From the bigger trench fork to the humble flower fork, the job of this tool is to improve drainage in the soil and aerate soil in preparation for planting. A long-handled trench fork is best for tackling large areas, but smaller patches and individual spaces will prefer the precision of a flower fork such as Wolf Garten’s LU2B, which can also be used for transplanting.

Two other great tools for planting and transplanting are a classic trowel and the innovative –and aptly named- bulb planting tool. Bulb planters like the Wolf Garten FHN do what they say on the tin, planting bulbs at the push of a button by quickly and effortlessly removing and replacing soil from specific, bulb-sized locations. A narrow trowel can also dig out bulb spaces, and is handy for getting careful access to already-grown plants in need of a move.

Hoe, hoe, hoe

When weeding between plants, a hoe does the job best. Also handy for shaping soil and digging narrow furrows, the flat, right-angled blade of a hoe can clear soil of old roots and crop residue with ease, agitating soil and cutting foliage to control weed growth. The Wilkinson Sword 1111205W Carbon Steel Dutch Hoe features traditional design, and is made for extreme durability – the tool head is carbon steel, the strongest material used in manufacturing garden products – and it comes with a weather-resistant ash wood handle, with a soft grip for comfort.

When is a riddle not a riddle?

Last, but not least, in your shed’s tool repertoire is the humble riddle – or sieve. An absolute essential for filtering unwanted shrapnel out of your garden, a good riddle sifts soil to a fine and clean consistency before planting, removing anything that might get in the way of plant growth and leaving you with beautiful, lump-free earth. The Bulldog Tools Garden Riddle comes with 0.95cm mesh, perfect for every day garden use.

It’s easy to panic and pick the first tool you see in a selection, but finding tools that are comfortable to hold and well-constructed will make all the difference in the long run. Look for soft grip or wooden handles, with tool heads made in sturdy, long-lasting metals, to ensure you get the most for your money.