Robot Lawnmower Comparison

While robot lawnmowers have been available in Britain since the late 1990s, only recently have they started to become more commonplace in the varied mower market. This year, Robot Mowers are expected to overtake their more traditional counterparts, and become the largest-growing sector in the industry.

What is a Robot Lawnmower?

Robotic Lawnmowers are brilliant time-saving devices that can mow your lawn unsupervised. Ideal for those with limited mobility – or simply those who don’t like having to mow the lawn – there are a variety of options out there depending on your budget and needs. Set the timer and pick your desired grass height, and a Robotic Mower will set off around the garden at the time you’ve dictated, doing the hard work so you don’t have to.

Husqvarna 430X Automower

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the Husqvarna is a pleasingly quiet, zero-emission robot mower that can keep going for over two hours before returning itself to the accompanying docking station to charge. With a range of approximately 3,200m2, this device also features lift and tilt sensors that will shut the motor off if the device is lifted, as well as self-adjusting technology that adapts the frequency of cuts depending on the season. This model can also be connected to a mobile app, where you can control the mower remotely from anywhere in the world – as well as receiving an alarm call and location, should it ever be stolen. With its long battery life and great range, this mower is ideally suited to larger gardens.

Flymo Robotic Lawnmower 1200R

One of the more affordable options in the robotic market, the Flymo 1200R has a cutting range of 400m2. Whilst this may seem small in comparison to the Husqvarna, it does mean the option of a lower-budget purchase for those with smaller lawns. With an anti-theft alarm, time lock and PIN controls, this device is as secure as it is useful – and features the same style of lift and tilt technology as its higher-end counterparts. As well as three pivoting blades to ensure a smooth cut, this robot mower comes with a 150m boundary wire that helps it remember where to mow, and has a rotary knob for adjusting cutting height between 20-50mm.

Bosch Indego 1000 Ll-ion Robotic Lawnmower 

If a Wimbledon-style striped lawn is what you’re looking for, then look no further. Unlike other robot mowers, which usually get their final finish by mowing in an irregular pattern, the Indego features a “Logicut” intelligent navigation system, enabling it not just to measure your garden, but also to decide on the most efficient way to cut straight, parallel lines. This device has a range of around 1000m2 and comes with ten different cutting height positions, as well as anti-theft security. For not much more than the cost of the Flymo, the Indego’s increased cutting range and aesthetic results place it head and shoulders above the nearest competitors in its price bracket – although some users find that it creates a more typical “lawnmower noise” than other, quiet models.

Honda Miimo HRM520 Robotic Lawnmower 

Brought to you by the same minds who created the world-famous ASIMO humanoid robot helper, Miimo is a wonderfully efficient piece of garden technology. Featuring the various anti-theft and cutting height technologies of its competitors, Miimo also comes with three different mowing pattern options. For large areas (up to 3000m2!) with complicated borders or obstacles, Random mode will get the job done well. For open, uninterrupted spaces, Directional is a fast-working choice. For gardens and other land that features a mixture of these two terrains, Mixed mode combines both working technologies, and works alongside a 300m boundary wire to ensure a great result all over. Miimo is one of the more expensive choices, but for the extra spend you’ll get one of the quietest and best-looking robots on the market, as well as one of the most durable.

With any of these incredible pieces of machinery, keeping your lawn tidy will be easier than ever. Save time and energy – as well as the environment – with any of this year’s host of options.