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Rough grass and field mowersThe latter weeks of April, depending on weather conditions, are more often than not the time when the year’s new growth starts to push on with a vengeance.

Longer daylight hours and the warming sun, mixed with ample rainfall from the seasonal showers is just what grasses and other low lying vegetation needs to stimulate growth. Verges, ditch banks, field margins and other less well attended areas soon become overwhelmed with the verdant progress of the season.

For grounds maintenance professionals, the cutting down and removing of long, thick grass and associated vegetation is often a particularly time consuming job and having adequate equipment to be able to complete these tasks in good time is essential.

The demanding home user, lucky enough to own an orchard or paddock type area where rough grass growth needs to be managed regularly will also appreciate machinery that is capable of making domestic property maintenance easier.

These rough grass areas are the perfect domain for the family of machines know as field and brush mowers. Designed for heavy duty use on rough ground containing overgrown areas of grass and scrub, these field and brush mowers will make relatively light work of what can seem, at times, an almost never-ending task.

The most common design of field and brush mower is the rough grass mower, also known as the rotary brushcutter; this style of machine is more of a heavy-duty three-wheeled lawnmower with a side-discharge aperture.

The Honda UM 516 Self Propelled Grass Manager is such a machine, ideally suited to light duty commercial work or, better still, for the domestic user with areas of garden that periodically fall into neglect. Four cutting heights with a toughened frame and 20” cutting deck will ensure this machine provides reliable service for many years.

Slightly larger and designed for commercial use, the Honda UM 536 EBE Self Propelled Grass Manager is equipped with the renowned Honda GXV 163cc OHV Petrol Engine, a power unit capable of hours of non-stop usage. Built with shaft-driven transmission and two operating speeds, the Honda UMB536EB will satisfy the most demanding of professional operators.

Offering a slightly different design but extremely effective on the roughest, muddiest terrain, the Efco DR 52 VBR6 Wheeled Brush Cutter is capable of dealing with undergrowth and light scrub due to a reinforced heavy duty 21” blade cutting blade. Two forward speeds and one reverse gear make manoeuvrability much easier in tough conditions and pneumatic chevron tyres ensure a firm grip.

If large areas of rough grass and parkland need to be cleared in quick time the Honda UM 616 EBE Self Propelled Grass Manager is a top choice. A 24” side discharge cutting deck and hydrostatic transmission guarantee the job is finished quickly with minimal fuss, a job made even easier in combination with the four cutting heights and Roto-stop blade brake.

Efco Grass TrimmerAnother style of machine to consider is the flail mower.

Particularly aggressive and powerful due to the multiple, swinging blade cutting mechanism, flail mowers are normally only used by commercial operators and ground management teams that need to clear overgrown areas such as along verges and the banks of ditches.

The high strength and cutting power of these machines allows them to operate in areas where rotary field and brush machines would struggle.

An excellent example is the Efco DR 65 HR 8.5 Flail Mower that has a host of features to make it not only effective at clearing undergrowth but also comfortable to use; height and width adjustment of the handlebars, ergonomic control levers and reinforced bearings and shields are only a few of the exceptional qualities of this machine.

Don’t expect to achieve a neat finish with one of these powerful mowers though. The nature of their design means that scrub, undergrowth, stubble and twigs will all be processed and left in a rough mulch along whichever path you have taken.

Some readers of this article may have the need for more than one type of grass management machine.

Land containing areas of both meadowland and rough scrub  may mean that a landowner will have to employ different cutting methods to keep these areas in good condition, or perhaps a commercial operator will have contracts covering a wide range of conditions from parkland to roadside maintenance.

Rather than buying a separate machine for all applications, a better option may be to purchase a power unit that is capable of running several different grass and scrub management attachments, such as a two-wheeled tractor. The Bertolini 403 and Bertolini 411 two wheeled tractor units are both capable of powering a range of attachments; the Bertolini 403 for example will accept the 115cm Bertolini Scythe Cutter Bar, which is excellent for clearing meadows and areas of long grass.

If your needs are slightly more far reaching, the powerful Bertolini 411 will accept the 62cm Bertolini Mulching Mower, the 65cm Bertolini Roller Flail Mower and also the 115cm Bertolini Scythe Cutter Bar, all of which will give the operator a complete grass care system run off one power unit.

Of course we mustn’t forget the humble wheeled trimmer. A type of heavy weight grass trimmer or line trimmer, wheeled trimmers are ideal for smaller areas of rough grass or orchards requiring regular maintenance where a larger machine will be too cumbersome to manoeuvre. The excellent Hayter Powertrim is a fine example, with an easy start Briggs and Stratton Series 650 Petrol Engine and foldable handlebars, the Hayter Powertrim can be used on site or transported to areas such as allotments with ease.

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