Which Lawnmower?

Which LawnmowerWhen choosing a lawnmower for your garden there are a number of points to consider. This guide will help you decide which lawnmower is best suited to your needs, based on:

The size of your lawn
– The quality of the finished cut you are looking for
– The ease of use of the mower

Rotary Lawnmowers

Rotary lawnmowers use a rotating blade to cut the grass and are designed for medium to large lawns. They can cope with both rough and smooth lawns, but will not give the higher quality of cut that a cylinder mower will give you. When fitted with a roller they will give you that classic striped effect to your lawn.

Cylinder Lawnmowers

Cylinder lawnmowers use a cylinder of blades and a scissor like cutting action to give the finest of cuts to your lawn. As the lawn mower goes forward a horizontally mounted cylinder rotates with a series of cutting blades on its surface trimming the grass to the desired height.

Hover Lawnmowers

Hover lawnmowers float of a layer of air generated by a rotating blade. The blade will chop the grass, helping to pulp and compact the grass cuttings into mulch. They are ideal for sloping areas. As they have no wheels you will find they are easier to manoeuvre. The disadvantage to a hover is that they will not give you as a higher quality of cut as a cylinder mower.

Rear RollerSize of your lawn

Very Small Lawn – We would recommend a push cylinder mower.

Smaller Lawns (up to 300 sq metres) – We generally recommend that you get a mower with a cutting width of 12 to 17 inches (that’s around 30 – 43cm). Electric and battery mowers are more suitable for smaller gardens.

Medium Lawns (300 – 600 sq metres) – We generally recommend that you get a mower with a cutting width of 17 to 19 inches (43 – 48cm). Larger Lawns (600 sq metres plus) – We recommend that you get a mower with a cutting width of 20 to 22 inches (51 – 56cm).

Orchards – We recommend our Rough Cutter range.


Fine and Informal lawns

The use of four wheeled mowers would be the advice we would give if you were not looking for such a finer cut to your lawn.

Striped Finish, Borders, Flower Beds & Edges

If you are looking for that traditional stripped finish or need to cut close to edges and borders then you need a cylinder or rear roller rotary mower.

Ease of Use

A push mower will help keep you fit as you are physically pushing the mower along, whereas a self-propelled mower does the work for you.

If you would like more advice on which lawnmower is best for you, call us on 01245 383565 for a quick chat.